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Sodthong says:

Only £199, i'll take a dozen. Silly prices…

Matthew Parsons says:

I'm definitely giving this one a try. Currently game 17* and 20* Ping Anser hybrids and I hit them extremely well, consistently straight. Might try this in the 16* lofted down to 14 to use off the tee for more distance. Never liked the size and feel of a driver, and never could hit driver well.

johvonmoll says:

love the looks of this! If i knew how to hit a hybrid consistently it would end up in my bag to

Kellen M says:

Love the hybrid reviews, so please keep them coming. I value your opinion on them more than other YouTubers who don't even game a hybrid.

Hopefully, the Epic Hybrid review will be coming soon….

Jeffery Orr says:

hybrid chip my birdie!


Mark I have jpx900 driver 5 wood 4 hybrid & there are great clubs I love them ???️‍♂️?️‍♂️

mizunogolfeurope says:

Well spotted – set up so that it's not a 'hook machine' like many hybrids that have come before.

Luca Taylor says:

Crash background price provided creature essentially possession.

John Davis says:

I game the Jpx850 22° hybrid. absolutely love it. has a great look to it, has that great soft forge feel (just kidding) and really forgiving if I hit off the bottom.

Darryl Wall says:

putt bruh ?

alex Jewell says:

Had ping g hybrid and the muzuno in mind, went for the ping instead and I'm regretting it. Might need to have a rethink

Tony Westwell says:

Looks and sounds awesome very very nice club

Station 2Station says:

As a 4 capper I can honestly say Mark has one of the sweetest moves of all the YouTube golf personalities.

Kyle Walker says:

Might try it when price comes down, and I too stop liking cobra kings f7 hybrid

Sander Kuik says:

Really love my JPX 900 Hybrid #3 and #4.

Matt Gardner says:

Hi Mark, is there a difference between playing a hybrid with a "stock" loft of 19 degrees and adjusting it to say 17, and playing one with a "stock" loft of 17 and not adjusting?

stuart silverlock says:

Looks like a lovely Hybrid. That and the Cobra F7 look the pick of the bunch this season but im happy with my Callaway Apex. Nice to see the Lockey army in shot on the 12th ???.

Steve Evans says:

Hi Mark. I got the JPX 900 Hybrid 5 version, and set it to 27 degrees loft and used it on the course yesterday for the first time. My previous hybrids all went left, I seem to be pushing this one to the right most of the time. It seems to refuse to go left.

Andrew Dare says:

looks good to me

zlatantillifk says:

Beautiful club ?!

GottaLuvGolf says:

I have this in my bag, its awesome, great sound and a bit sexy !!

Phil McIver says:

Mizuno have really stepped up their game in the last year or two. Irons always amazing but the JPX hybrid, woods and driver addition are getting some great reviews.

Jamie hart says:

Love a hybrid. Taylormade Aeroburner is probably the best club in the bag at the mo (irons have gone to absolute shit the last 3 weeks)

Danny Gomez says:

I think it looks really good!! And just like you, I'm using a hybrid that I really like. If I didn't have one, this one or Ping would definitely been given a try!!

Sydols OZ says:

Cobra F7 hybrids are really lovely.

Gregory Peck says:

I grip the club so hard with my left hand that it hurts after playing a shot. I used to play cricket. Can someone please help me. Thank you please.

fullwerkes says:

I love hybrids but as you say the lie, apart from myself, is the big issue for me. I got a Ping i20. When im on its great, when im struggling, it does go left on me.

Andrew Haley says:

Have the 850 19 degree and love it.

Jon Malkowvich says:

Beautiful club. Might have to give it a try, I'm looking to change my 20 Adams hybrid.

T.A. Fossett says:

Almost eagled your face there Bruh!!! Stop itttttttttttt…. #reallylovely

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