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Mark Crossfield tests the Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal irons from Mizuno golf. See what the Mizuno 919 range could do for your golf game with Marks simple and easy to understand golf videos for all golfers. Mizuno have been making quality golf irons for years and the JPX range has been enjoying tour success in recent years and the 919 range could bring more.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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okitoki1973 says:

Sadly i am struggling with the 919hm at the moment. Fitted with a set of 5-PW and seem to struggle to strike it well on the face. Hdcp of 12 coming from MP15 looking for extra height, distance and forgiveness

Pilotgolfer 84 says:

Nothing wrong with combo two 7s. Like you said just gotta know what clubs they are. I combo a ping i 9-7, and then cobra f7 one length 7-5 which equates to 6-4. Just gotta gap test and figure it out. Great review as always!

Paul Goodier says:

still love my zoids

Sean McCabe says:

Had the JPX-900 Hot Metals – and exactly what you saw with the PW on the first hole – so difficult when you are trying to hit half shots/out of the rough – and gapping between pitching wedge and my other wedges was very tricky. So easy to hit, but very hard to trust that the number you needed was what you were going to get.

Snowman9K says:

If it's really a 6 iron, are you really compromising spin?

Simon Sez says:

Ever reviewed other JDM golf clubs Mark and Dan? Miura, Honma or Vega – just to compare them to the big boys offerings. ⛳?

Brian Kinread says:

Mark, what is biggest cause of flyers. In Canada, we tend to have “wetter” rough that tends to grow straight up, not in one direction

Strong Tauren says:

When you go to the Mizuno fitting app, these clubs appear to be offered either in a strong loft configuration (as tested by yourself), or in a "modern" loft configuration where the lofts are approx 2 deg less throughout the set. Can you confirm?

MrTkeddo says:

The only Hot metal I can afford is a frying pan bruh

Lee Kowalski says:

Your comment about amateurs seeing the bomb numbers made me need to comment. I generally hit the ball a good distance and play true lofted blades. On the odd occasion I play with someone who hits it as far as me using their powerbats it does make me want to grab their clubs and see how much further I could hit them, but it goes back to your next comment about controlling spin as much as possible from less than perfect lies, and golf isn’t played on a driving range! It’s a game of control as well as power. Saying that I had a go with my dads AP1 5 iron and hit it as far as my 3 iron!! Crazy stuff!!

Paul Milsom says:

I've had a similar problem with my 716 Titleist AP1's, lofts are stronger, which is great in the mid to long irons but my wedges are so strong, I can't get used to them. I've had to add an extra wedge to gap properly, so, basically I have ended up with a set of irons which are 1 club different all the time, ie if It's a 5 iron shot, hit a 6 iron, doesn't make sense. Titleist reduced the loft, but added tungsten to hit a higher flight, why not just leave them as the previous set were? Change for change sake. Might go back to Mizuno forged, my MX23's were the best clubs I've ever had. I've made this point before, in a previous video.

Rexx Engineering says:

I agree with Mark. Higher handicap players should be playing with more loft, not less. A forgiving set of irons is not defined by how far the short irons go. It's defined by how high the mid and long irons go and how far they carry in the air.

Ash Naseby says:

billet not bullet ?

Stephen Flood says:

Dan,what's the story with the rockabilly haircut ?

Reinder Carton says:

I am playing the JPX 900 Hot Metals for about a year now. I think they are great looking and very easy to hit clubs. The lofts on these are not that big of a difference with my Ping G20's which I started Golf with. The wedges (quad grooves as well) have JPX 900 stamped onto it so It seems they have not branded their new wedges just like the 900. If you want some help these clubs will do just that! Keep it up Mark, great vlogs!

LB says:

Great review! How bout the cobra black forged tec one length?

Darren Miller says:

Recently changed my Ping G25’s to JPX 900 HM’s. One of the main reasons was that Mizuno are very good when it comes to customisation for no extra cost (shaft flex, lie/length, grips). Definitely go further and fly ‘truer’ than my Pings, but went from standard shaft to 120g Stiff KBS in the Mizunos – take from that what you will. What I would say, though, is that wedge gapping becomes critical. I went for the TS7’s in 50, 55 and 60 degree, but the gap between PW and 50 degree is more than I’d like (circa 20-25 yards).

Zach Svec says:

Probably the best looking club in this bracket of irons, well done by mizuno to embrace this type of iron and still give it their clean look as much as possible.

Solomon Li says:

I always feel like I get so much more from these reviews than others…honest conversations with some good old competitive guys!!! Lovely boys here…

David Abrial says:

Hotmetal goes right for Mark…

Tony Westwell says:

That’s the nicest “chunky” iron I’ve ever seen. Very nice looking. Not sure about these power bats though. Went round with a guy at the weekend who had power bats. He was either short or long. Great review chaps as always.

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