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Australian PGA Professional Alan Staines & Avid Golfer Kieron “The Hammer” Hamrey talk about the two blade irons from Mizuno golf. Mp5 & Mp18. 1025E carbon steel, forged. What is the diffenece, if anything?

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Christina Owen says:

They’re clearly biased in their review toward the mp 18 which is fine but it sounds like theirs not much difference between them I’ve never hit the 18 but I’ve played the 5’s and from my opinion Idk if it’s worth a switch.

stoked4snow says:

Absolutely perfect review, guys. It has always came down to tiny details for decision making with me, and I've been torn between these two for a while now… I think its MP-18 for me!! Thanks for the pure honesty! Cheers!

e james says:

duller finish…….duller sound

TheNameGame says:

I think what your trying to say is the MP-18 isn't as "clicky" as the MP-5. I play the the MP-25/MP-5 combo set and I could tell the sound difference the minute you hit it. It's definitely not as clicky as the MP-5 almost muted like….maybe more solid? I don't know but I'd like to try them even though I'm not sure it's worth the change. Ohh well at least I have all winter to think and think AND think about switching???! I'm still going to go hit them over and over lol. Not many people want golf lessons in the winter. So this Minnesota golf teacher goes and hits all the new equipment. I'm a Mizuno guy at heart though?.

Mike L says:

Mp18 over the 5 all day long
Definitely a classic

Steven Adamson says:

I carry the mp5, I really believe it’s closer to a CB even though it looks like a blade but the channel back I believe gives the forgiveness of a CB

Jeffery Longtin says:

You Aussie's are so soft.
SE Iowa(States) yesterday 88°F, October 2, WTF!!!!!
In 8 weeks, 20°F probably. 
Listening to your "middle of winter 10°C(50°F) makes me chuckle. I have spent a summer of 35°C(using a temp converter!!!!) golf knowing we may be below 0°F(-18°C) which is normal by mid December.
Don't admit to being so soft weather wise. Move to southeast Iowa. Gulf of Mexico humidity with desert southwest US heat rotating with Artic cold on an annual basis. FUN!!!!!

Alex Zinser says:

How do those match up against the 900 tour?

Tony Arvanitakis says:

Mp5 are alot nicer

danielgeorge1001 says:

Go a combo set! Pw-7 blade 6-4 sc!! That's what I'm thinking of doing

slatt85 says:

I think feel comes down to design. The thicker the muscle more dense it feels. Mp 5 have a more hollow softness due to the channel back.

sehnaz1 says:

Good review. The SC feels no way near as soft as the MP18. I reckon you'd be disappointed if you chose the SC

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