Mizuno MP-18 irons / First impressions with Chris Wood and Luke Donald

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Taylor Goble says:

No lefty in the blade. Boo!

David Williams says:

Awesome can't wait to get the mp18 sc, when are the pencil bags available?

T Reilly says:

What golf bags are those?

Beta Vulgaris says:

£150 per club. You robbing bastards.

David t says:

The bag clatter noise was killing me. They are brand new!!!! ????

Daniel Gomes says:

I'm 5'6, thinking of getting a set of these with 1/2" short shafts, possibly toe down also, will I see a drop off in distance or am I right in assuming the shorter club will allow me a better strike and the numbers will even out?

Alan Mills says:

Two of my favourite golfers. Great video.

pkaces says:

Surprised Luke does not play blades

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Classic and timeless, not gimmicks.

Unknown anonymous guy says:

Are these the clubs to finally replace my tired but still beautiful mp-64's, I hope they feel as good as they look!

Mark Rogers says:

Hitting them next?

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