Mizuno MP-18 irons / First impressions with Chris Wood and Luke Donald

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The new MP-18 irons will be at our Fitting Centres ready for testing from 4th September 2017. Here’s what Luke Donald and Chris Wood thought the first time they saw the new irons.


Taylor Goble says:

No lefty in the blade. Boo!

David Williams says:

Awesome can't wait to get the mp18 sc, when are the pencil bags available?

T Reilly says:

What golf bags are those?

Beta Vulgaris says:

£150 per club. You robbing bastards.

David t says:

The bag clatter noise was killing me. They are brand new!!!! ????

Daniel Gomes says:

I'm 5'6, thinking of getting a set of these with 1/2" short shafts, possibly toe down also, will I see a drop off in distance or am I right in assuming the shorter club will allow me a better strike and the numbers will even out?

Alan Mills says:

Two of my favourite golfers. Great video.

pkaces says:

Surprised Luke does not play blades

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Classic and timeless, not gimmicks.

Unknown anonymous guy says:

Are these the clubs to finally replace my tired but still beautiful mp-64's, I hope they feel as good as they look!

Mark Rogers says:

Hitting them next?

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