Mizuno MP-18 irons official film

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Take a look at the Mizuno MP-18 irons with Sir Nick Faldo and lead designer Chris Voshall. Refined by our master craftsmen in YORO Japan – the MP-18s are inspired by every great player to pure a Mizuno iron since 1933. The master mould of every head checked and adapted to the satisfaction of our most experienced clubmakers – including the legendary Turbo. Three models Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan designed to mix and match within a custom set. To find the artist in every player. Available September 2017.

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TheTacticalToaster says:

I feel like the only way I will get my hands on any of the irons. (Especially the blades) are if I got sponsored

I'm a ok junior golfer

Sponsorship pls


Golf Republic says:

Would be hard to replace my Miura blades with these but they do look good.

Tyden Wilson says:

Must have left handed

Daniel Cooper says:

Now just need the money to buy them

F. Pena says:

Amazing looking irons, and genius marketing by Mizuno!

The Only Starskie says:

So fucjing sexy wtf

Fore @u says:

Going Huge upgrade to my MP H5 to MP 18

JustSleepin61 says:

Simply gorgeous … You keep saying 3 models .. but there are four .. the muscle back, the SC, the MMC & the MMC Fli-Hi .. granted the Fli-Hi one may not be forged, but in putting together a combination set I'd use all four … 2 MMC Fli-Hi, 4 MMC, 5-7 SC, 8-P MB .. Can't wait to get my order in and sell the TM P770's, though the MMC Fli-Hi has really got to be good to replace my Callaway UT

Paddy Golf says:

I've fallen head over heels in love with these mp-18 blades and I've not even seen them in the flesh yet

Joe Elliott says:

Will Mizuno never make another blade for left-handed golfers??? It looks like my next set will be Titleist

TherymasterWidnes says:

These will be in my bag the day they are released!

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

far superior design to nearly anything else on the mainstream, uninspired market.

Cornwall1888 says:

A thing of beauty beyond my current skill level, jpx 900 forged are more suited to me

Mark Rogers says:

Stunning 🙂

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