Mizuno MP-18 irons preview

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Tyden Wilson says:

We need these lefty! like if you agree

JHaslip says:

Your editing/marketing team is phenomenal. I feel like I'm in the Last Samurai every time I watch a Mizuno ad. Just pure bliss, with beauty in every shot.

Frank Mally says:

Please, oh please make these in left handed!

RP says:

beautiful irons. any word on leftys?


I currently use The JPX900 series irons and always wanted Mizuno because I have been to Japan and love their way of thinking regarding the way the Japanese produce such beauty and quality at the same time. And now, well Mizuno you have surpassed yourselves… elegance in an iron. Would love to try them out for myself.

Stu Dunn says:

son of a bitch. I just bought new mp5s this spring, had I of known these were coming out! 🙁

Cohen177 says:

already in love

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