Mizuno MP-18 Irons Review

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Mizuno MP-18 Irons Review by Alex Etches GolfBox

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GolfBox Golf Professional, Alex Etches (@alexetchesgolf), tests the latest Mizuno MP18 Irons for GolfBox Reviews. Testing the MP18 MMC, MP18 Blade and the MP18 Split Cavity.

The Mizuno MP-18 Blade Iron Review – offers a clean, traditional shape that will appeal to the better player. The ‘easy on the eye’ aesthetics features limited offset and a thin topline for a workable looking iron.

The Mizuno MP-18 SC Iron Review – (Split-Cavity) combines workability and forgiveness for golfers that need more ‘beef’ than the blade.

The Mizuno MP-18 MMC Iron Review – (MP-18 Multi Material) Iron is the most forgiving iron in the range. Ideal for Low-Mid handicappers that don’t get the chance to play as much as what they should.
A tungsten weight is positioned in the toe of the iron to shift the CG to a more effective location, whilst a titanium plate is located behind the face to improve mishits.

This 2018 Mizuno irons will run alongside the fantastic Mizuno JPX 900 Iron Range

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GolfBox Reviews says:

Thanks for the comments guys. Overwhelmed with the support and performance of this review. Please continue to share on all social media platforms and tweet to me @tigerironsalex

For those of you that have asked, I've ordered 4-6 in the SC and 7-PW in the Blade. I can't wait!

matthewua1 says:

Great review keep them coming. Aloha from Hawaii.

Keegan6 says:

Finally had a chance to hit Mizuno last week! Fell in love with the feel, sound and work-ability. Plus, the most beautiful irons on the market! Loved your review of these irons!

diggsy1602 says:

Just bought some Mizuno MP-18 SC from Myles at East Perth. Thanks for your review Alex. They are cracking clubs! May have got an epic sub zero while i was at it….I'm in love

Brian Han says:

i'm speechless. you're a monster mate… 210+ yard with a 6 iron???

Steven Adamson says:

Great review! You got a fan in me! And sweet Jesus you are long! You must be tall or something

Chuck Cv says:

I game the 900T and demoed the 18, SC and MMC side by side; the 900T are a keeper. Found that the feel of the 900T was similar to the 18 but the 900T was almost a full club longer. Found that the 900T was better performing vs the SC.

Sean Mac says:

Are the MMC's grain flow forged?

ReneFloresVlogs says:

How much would you sell the muscle backs for? I’m serious, i really want to try it!

plusfour1 says:

Before you run out and buy a set, there's a 4th iron, the MP-18 MMC Fli Hi which is more forgiving than the MMC and comes only in 2-6 iron in the US and 2-5 in the UK

Todd Wilson says:

Had to clean the drool off my keyboard before typing this… Awesome review and just subscribed!

Rob C says:

First time watching one of your reviews. It won't be the last, just subscribed. Very informative and done without taking yourself too seriously. Keep up the good work. And oh, those irons….though!!!

ThePhanin says:

Mate, all u need is 3 clubs in ur bag, a putter, wedge and a 6iron!

Corey Sayers says:

Great review!

cobra1995xx says:

I remember last time I was tired and hit it 225..!! It was this past Saturday and it was with a 3 wood not a 6 iron hahaha.. they were smashed!! Great stuff and great looking irons

nova68nova says:

My new favorite golf club review channel.

Maria Dyke says:

213 carry 6 iron? Lies

Matt Huynh says:

you have your simulator set to "Driver." Doesn't that make a difference? Or do you just rip your 6 irons 220 yards all the time? haha.

Stephen Harris says:

mmc looks nice to me.more interesting look about them.

gtrraider84 says:

Jealous of your distance with a 6. Great job on your review as well

Aaron says:

Yep I'm buying these! Just wish golfbox adjusted lie angles and length

Rudy Frank says:

Why are you whispering? I want to watch but I just can't with how low you're speaking. You sound like you don't want to wake someone up.

simmi352 says:

gees what are they feeding this guy?

mark boundy says:

Absolutely love the look of these. Massive mizuno fan. Very very tempted. Pricey I bet though. Great review mate

James Harrity says:

Crushing it as usual broseph

Nick says:

i believe the blades and SCs are standard mizuno lofts so will seamlessly work in a combo set but the MC are stronger tho mizuno can bend them to fit

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