Mizuno MP-18 SC Iron VS Mizuno JPX-900 Tour Iron Head To Head

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John Magnell says:

It's a little funny that when you did mp25 vs 900tour you preferred the 900 due to its satin finnish. Now you dis the 900 due it's satin finnish….. times are a changing.

Alex Ma says:

I think the yellow is the 2 degree up right demo head

Jeremiah McKee says:

Lets see MP-18 SC up against Callaway's new X Forged! Keep up the great work!

joacim collskog says:

i like to se you do the same with taylor made psi tour and p770

Annette Chiasson says:

Lov it can you do one MP25 VS MP18SC love to see the dif

Dogan Keskinkilic says:

G'day Michael.This is a very interesting comparison between these best two irons of Mizuno.Great work mate all the best.

Ryan Andrade says:

Could you do the p770 taylormade and the ap2 titleist head to head

Daniel Prozeller says:

Great idea! Really enjoyed this one. I would not have thought of doing this comparison. Thanks for your work.

Jaime Mantel says:

I did this test myself. I play the 900 Tour. I found the MP 18 SC to be just a tad bit easier to hit but not enough to ditch my 900's.

al goatman says:

I currently play the 900 and I am going to demo the MP18 SC in the next few weeks. I do love the looks of the MP18 SC. Michael great video and review. Thanks!

Sam Slade says:

The shot that was removed you said was low in the face, but interesting it was one of the highest peak heights and fastest ball speeds

e james says:

mizuno should have chromed the tour model for a bit of stealth. People would think…"oh look at this guy.Thinks he can game a muscleback". But in reality you've got some game improvement going on with the club.

Justin Stephenson says:

If you think Mizuno had a confusing range of clubs you havent thought about the current TM range!

Not tried the JPX Tour but did try 900 & Hot metal and MMC & SC. For whatever reason I just did not like the JPX range, just could not get consistency from them. But the MP18 MMC & SC were completely different, lovely consistent high ball flight, consistent draw and the feel is lovely. I very nearly bought a set of MMCs.

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