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Rick Shiels tests A stunning tour inspired design with an injection of Boron for added ball speed and distance. The MP-25 is the first true high ball-speed iron, Grain Flow Forged for the feel and touch indispensable on tour. For tour players to low/mid handicaps.
I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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Mike Gregory says:

Did you notice a wider gap in distance than normal between the 6 iron with the "hollow" cavity and the 7 iron without the "hollow" cavity? I'm concerned that it could create a bigger gap than I'd want in distance between the 6,7 irons. Overall though these are extremely impressive irons.

RinerDC says:

Hey Rick these are still current mizuno irons can you do another review on these at your current location inside so we can see how the compare to other irons done the same way. Looking at these irons vs the iBlades but the tester club is 7 iron iblade vs a 6 iron mp25

noelsplectrum9 says:

I'm buying them this week!! Superb golf clubs.

Brian Stratton says:

I would love to see Rick with Mizuno's in the bag!

David Nelson says:

Hi rick love the review but was just wondering why I can't find your review on the mp 15's

Scott Stewart says:

Are you hitting range balls?

Alan Martins says:

lmao, Crossfield says softest feel, Rick not great soft feel.

D Cary says:

Replaced mp59s with these (project X stiff); very disappointed with them – very harsh feel (the boron perhaps) and not pleasant. Replaced them with H5s and MP5s – both so much better in feel (especially the wonderful mp5s). Used MP59s before – much nicer than the 25s.

bigtyme27 says:

Just subscribed my friend. These reviews are great. And since you did mizuno i was sold on your page haha. love it

Thomas Surgenor says:

Could rob hit these?

Roger Toye says:

Rick i liked the admitting that your long irons were straighter than your short irons and wedges.. why might that be ? i find similar.

Phil Kwon says:

Hit these today. They are a terrific golf club. Side to side dispersion was impressive, for me. They're nowhere near as long as the Ping G30's I'm currently gaming, but those clubs are way too long and have spin numbers that are way too low for my liking. The Mizuno MP25's carry a good distance for me (7 iron avg. 165 yds.) but the control factor is so reassuring. Shaping the ball both directions is really easy too. I think these clubs are perfect for players that are good ball strikers and seek precision over power. They're on the expensive side (relative to my bank account), so I might have to wait a few months before I can invest in them, but they're definitely going in the bag.

Jacques van Rooyen says:

Hey Rick, if you can get your hands on some MP15 irons, would you mind reviewing them? I just got a set with KBS Tour Stiff shafts and am a little disappointed. Would like to have your opinion. Cheers!

gary smith6 says:

They look beautiful Rick

Jun Woo Park says:

im using a jpx850 forged and wanting to go in to a more bladed irons. I dont want a full out bladed irons but i want a little bit of forgiveness. I am a 9 handicap. Any recommendations?

Brandon Jaquez says:

Rick how come you haven't tested the MP-15?

Oscar Backrud says:

Hi! I'm curious about the loft specs. On mizunos website it says 24° with 4 iron. You said 22° in the video? I'm confused

Jeff Brennan says:

I love Mizuno's and have played MP-68's for the last 10 years (I'm a 8-10 handicap). I love the soft/ buttery feel of the 68's….kinda was hoping in this review that he would say they are the same! Getting a new set of irons, and want a little more forgiveness. Don't know where to go from here….

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