Mizuno MP 4 Irons

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Mizuno MP 4 Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Mark hits the new grain flow forged iron from Mizuno golf and talks about its new design and feel. play your best golf with equipment that allows you to hit greens and shoot low scores. The MP-4 bladed golf iron from Mizuno golf is the latest in their impressive iron history watch as Mark hits the club and talks through some of the features that might help your golf game.


Gary Wilson says:

do any of the pga pros you see on tv not use bladed irons?, I mean if they
all do, it seems it would be the right club for any aspiring good golfer to
learn to hit

Johny Ostler says:

Best blaoe yet all time amem

Matt D. says:

It would have been nice to get the launch monitor data. Was it off ?

Christine Kelly says:

Im gutted, was looking to buy a set of MP4`s this week only to find out for
some reason Mizuno don’t make them for left handed players. Anyone know why
this might be???
I`ve been using MP60`s for the last 4-5 years and love them, my game has
come on so well using them, playing single figures now. Help anyone???

Joel Crow says:

These MP4s are the nicest and easiest of all the Mizuno clubs for me to
hit. The feel is like butter, and miss-hits are almost as soft (soft soft
soft – just a bunch of buttery pure softness shot after shot). My opinion
is they’re the best. The ball flight is penetrating, then high, then
landing soft…even on the 4 iron. If you can’t hit the 3 or 4 get a couple
of mp650s in 22 and 19 or 17, a much nicer and more flexible setup! I carry
a 19 and a 9 iron on 2 club challenges all day.

Paul G says:

Just bought a slightly used set, kbs tour stiff shafts for half of retail.
The feel is like butter. The smaller head in the 8-pw is GREAT around the
green, loads more feel in bump and run shots. Was playing the mp59’s with
kbs c taper stiff shafts. Might keep the mp59 4 iron in the bag, just a
little more distance and forgiveness. 

Christian Vargas says:

The MP 4s’ are great I wanted to know if the Apex muscle back are the same,
rumor has it that they are “easy” to hit…

Tom Hobbs says:

This Guy gives good,free Advice. It’s for you to make the choice! Take it
for how it’s meant, don’t like it? Go elsewhere, he’s only trying to to
point you…..

diegosvega says:

I´m thinking of going for the combo, 4&5 mp-59 and through 6 to P the MP-4

Josh Cloyd says:

I thought I was dying to get the mp69s, but when I saw these I fell in
love. I game the mp59s and would only give them up for these. I have not
hit these yet, but I am sure they just build on the mp69s. I will probably
wait a year or two before giving up the mp59s so they can build on groove
technology and give me some time to save up for them.

diegosvega says:

+Mark Crossfield What do you think of the counter balanced irons??

james eadie says:

I got a mixed set MP54 4-6 and MP4 7-PW ,, really like them good review 

Jeffrey Pagaduan says:

Mark can you give a little insight on how these feel compared to MP33’s (my
current irons)?

yogaforyou121 says:

My partner plays off a handicap of 3 has tried these irons & loved them.
Did not find them hard to hit but is still unsure as many people say bladed
irons are too hard to play with. Any advise gladly welcome. 

AndyNick211 says:

Went to get fitted for clubs today. I was initially going in thinking I
wanted the MP-54 because of my handicap of 13. The fitter let me take the
MP-4, 64 and 54 to the range. I was amazed at how well I hit the MP-4.
Its like I have never played golf correctly until I hit these iron.
Needless to say…I bought the MP-4s

Ethan Handy says:

MP69’S MP4’S and Titleist 714 MB’s

tigerbalm says:

Out of the blue I got my hands on a set! Unbelievable luck I didn’t was
possible. Will be replacing my Mp57s, which r very solid. But the Mp 4 are
a work of art and best looking clubs I’ve ever seen! It’s like owning an
exotic sports car. Why not have great looks as well as performance? I’ve
hit with them several times and the performance blew my mind! Solid feel
and sound, even longer than my 57’s. Forged is king…gave up cast irons
years ago.

Luke Hutchinson says:

i use the Mizuno MP-32s and just got a demo of the MP-4 and theyre such a
pleasure to hit

Grant Edwards says:

Tired of hearing these called “better player irons.” They’re obviously not
for your average weekend warrior, though they are easier to hit than those
toaster sized “game improvement” irons when an obnoxious amount of offset.
The biggest question when deciding between cavity backs and blades is
whether or not you’ll be playing competitive golf or a large amount of golf
in pressured situations. I would rather have cavitys for tournament golf
and blades for a leisurely round at my home club. Giving up forgiveness is
also a big plus for learning how to better control the ball and to
improve ball striking in general. 

Vaughn Jackson says:

I’m running a mixed set. MP33’s (PW – 7 iron), MP52’s (6 – 3 iron), and
T-Zoid True (2iron). Love em’ all. I’ve tried to run the full MP33 set, but
I’m more consistent and get smoother contact with the MP52’s in the longer
irons. The T-Zoid True is OLD…but butter off the tee, and not difficult
to get up in the air either. I happen to have an uncanny ease of hitting
the long irons(with practice). Don’t believe the “better players
irons”…you shouldn’t be a beginner, but they will make you improve your
game for sure. You’ll notice yourself “shooting” golf “shots” and not just
swinging away. Shot an 84 on par 72 at Bear Creek West course in Dallas, TX
on last outing.

Alex Malone says:

I like the videos keep up the good work do you know how you do best irons
for forgiveness or distance or feel I was wondering if you could do your
favorite blades for the 2013/2014 season because I am looking to get blades
but I do not know which ones are the best and your opinion would help or
could you do a comparision between Mizuno Mp4 and Nike Vr Pro blades Thanks

Ron Geronimo says:

Never thought about Mizuno’s before, but ended up buying the MP 4s after
watching your review. Thanks.

Max Tremaine says:

Tried these on a simulator yesterday and I was really impressed. I play 912
MBs and the MP4s have noticeably wider and shorter heads. To anyone who is
considering blades, don’t be scared off by having to make more consistent
contact, I would equate playing with a muscleback iron to jogging with
weights, being forced to provide a more consistent swing will make you a
better player.

Dave Worsfold says:

Just tried these at American golf… Awesome im buying them asap

Golf Buddy says:

These are not that hard to hit guys come on. People are always freaking out
about “blades” being too unforgiving. See that big muscle pad along the
back??? I actually find these to be the most forgiving mp irons I’ve played
from mizuno so give em a hit

Kyle Hosch says:

Just hit these today at the PGA Superstore. these irons are amazing. i
personally have Callaway X forged and i ended up hitting the Mizunos 15
yards further and straighter more consistently. These will be my next clubs
and i recommend anyone looking for a bladed iron to try these out

james eadie says:

MP4’S tried them, didn’t get much more of a difference than MP63. . wee bit

clint eastwood says:

I was surprised by the soft feel, power and accuracy from the Mizuno MP 37
compared with the other known brands in the sample bag: Titiest and Wilson
Blades etc.

clint eastwood says:

From back in the day there was only so much power and distance you could
get from a Cavity iron but have to support Mark Crossfield here playing
with Blade irons comes with problems there not so forgiving and can
emphasize your bad shots twice over and if you make too many bad shots it
can make your golf day a misery and can put you off golf for good which
most golfers don’t want, they just want an easy time on the golf course on
the weekends, let alone if you’re in a golf competition.

EMGM says:

Currently using a very old Taylormade MB. Tried the MP4 today, phenomenal
feel off the face and such a well finished club head. May have to invest.. 

clint eastwood says:

Now with the new Mizuno MP’s of TRUE Blades; Mizuno MP 69 and here the
Mizuno MP4. I am wondering if they have a better softier feel than the
Mizuno MP37 since you cannot beat that buttery feel of the face of the club
along with its penetrating power and accuracy in flight.

majorsmythe1 says:

Quick question,,,while these look great and feel good, To me feel is a bit
overated as todays balls are so good, but if Todays top touring pros on
earth will not use these irons, why would anyone whos not a pro use
these???, much more why would Mizuno make them???.Makes no sense-is it
stupidity or ego??

clint eastwood says:

I was told by a shop assistant Cavity iron technology has come a long way
now and are as equal to the power and accuracy of the Blade irons since I
was surprised with the power and accuracy of e.g: 6 iron Calloway Big
Bertha Cavity which was much like the
6 iron Mizuno MP 37 Blade in the sample bag, but I just like the classic
look of the Blade than the ugly bulkiness of the Cavities. I did buy a
second hand set of the Mizuno MP 37 back then from Golf Bidder and was
also surprised to find out that Tiger Woods used Mizuno Blades. Also I had
tried out its older club model; Mizuno MP 33, but it did not match up to
the looks and feel of it’s newer brother Mizuno MP 37.

joel rea says:

hi mark I am a new golfer and I would like to get a new set of irons but I
only have £250 if you could help me out it would be great.

Mark Gillespie says:

Most tour players don’t play blades

CaribSurfKing1 says:

I wonder when they would bring the mp-33 back! Haha

RollYourRock says:

Just another rehash of iron designs copied from The Ben Hogan Co

majorsmythe1 says:

When I was a kid 25-30 years ago, yup bunch of 12 yr old kids playin
“blades”, we all played “blades”, their was only them and PING eye 2. We
played and practiced. Sorry, but most golf clubs are the same if you hit
them in the middle. You may get some so called “forgiveness” with a big
cavity back, but todays “blades” are no where near the tiny butter knives
WE ALL played years ago. If you can strike the ball ok to good, these will
be fine for you. The rest of it is marketing hype and crap.

banbambarragan says:

Have to say they are probably the nicest looking blades from mizuno for a
while – good job.

Tom Neden says:

How do they differ from the MP 69s?

ti4nzz says:

can you do a comparison between these and mp 69s? great vid

Nic Rep says:

Looks good, but I will wait until the 714 mb’s and get them

chrisSkylin3 says:

Beautiful craftsmanship. The main ploy behind the “forgiveness” line is
that it generates potential future business. Think about it. If you start
playing golf, you buy a beginners set. Arrive at 25-10 handicap; you will
buy an intermediate set. If you become good at golf, a handicap below 10,
you may buy a bladed set/ half bladed set. If you take all of that into
consideration, that is about $3000, when you could have started off with a
bladed set and also developed a better striking ability.

dannyfr22 says:

cheers for that mate, I genuinely didn’t know. think i’ll stick with my
g20’s, and leave the blades to the pros. or the guys who just don’t give a

GorillaCustomsTV says:

Tried both and like both clubs very much…but Mizuno has long led the way
for iron design, play ability and many have followed them. Been a while but
when Tiger switched to Nike they licensed mizuno designs for his clubs..now
most likely not. Read about many years back and heard it again in the past
year on Golf Channel. Not bashing you at all as I like both…as my opinion
is worth no more than another. But I highly doubt Mizuno would worry about
statistical comparison to any other Iron set.

benn gil says:

Awesome slow mo * and definitely better camera.

2000yurien says:

Looks like the old MP69 to me though. By the way, do you know that Mizuno
irons had custom finish services?

benn gil says:

Awesome snow me

Matt MK says:

Interesting, could I please have the source of your information? Have you
tried both club yourself? Regards

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