Mizuno MP-54 irons: Step Up your Shotmaking.

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The MP-54 is a thick, powerful Grain Flow Forged iron crafted to awaken the shotmaker in players needing just a little forgiveness. Due September 2013.


Juan Lozano says:

You could have put the microphone a little closer to Chuck so we could hear something.

Paul Gerencher says:

I absolutely love my set of MP-54s. Seriously the feeling you get when you hit them on the screws … "Man" is right. These clubs make you want to hit better shots because you want to feel that feeling again and again.

Anon says:

Love my 54s. And when you custom order they get them to you quick!

Lance Salisbury says:

I have just received my order of the MP54s, they look so shiny and good, cannot wait to play with them. Got them fitted with the lighter weight Nippon Steel shaft as I am only 12,…. I need to pack on some muscle 😉

Peter Dunne says:

I would love a set of 54's they look so good. However, for the moment I have to stick with my JPX 800's…lovely iron too!!!

samuel snyder says:

Excellent sticks…Mizuno quality…these are great irons!

mizunogolfeurope says:

A touch higher flight in the longer irons.  The biggest difference between these and the 53s is likely to be feel and the thickness at impact.

Sebas Martinez says:

does the mizuno mp-54 gives us a higher launch or does it still the same launch than whit the 53's and the 59's??

Ian Blackburn says:

Thanks for replying. I actually went down from 25 to 18 hcap this year but my iron play was inconsistent so hoping a bit more forgiveness helps get below 15 next year. With some work in my swing and decision making with a set of mp-52's I hope to achieve this. Just bought 2nd hand on eBay. By the way, I hit the mo-54's to tease myself and they are sweet. Maybe In a couple of years 😉

mizunogolfeurope says:

The MP-52 evolved into the MP-53 and now MP-54. All will be noticeably more forgiving than the MP-32, but keep you in the 'shotmaking' side of iron design. Next step from there would be the JPX825Pro.

Ian Blackburn says:

Advice please. I got my first taste of mizuno this season, mp-32's. I love the feeling and feedback on bad shots but think I need something more forgiving. I'm on a tight budget so was thinking of mp-52's anyone had both? And can advise if it's worth changing. Chris is you get these appreciate a response, thanks

KiljimKing says:

All I want is all the Mizuno clubs and a few of those range ball buckets XD Id be busy for month like that.
Mp4 tho would be my choice.

11hoursoff says:

Just been fitted for these 1.5 inch longer and 2 degrees up….10/14 days waiting time.

interreality says:

When are they available?

Shaun Cumming says:

Voshall is god!

S.lboro says:

these guys sound so similar :')

fallsbrookvideo says:

They will be mine.
Oh yes, they will be mine….

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