Mizuno MP H5 1 and 2 Iron

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Mizuno MP H5 1 and 2 Iron reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA professional. Mark hits the H5 Mizuno 1 irons and 2 iron. See how they would work for Mark who is a hybrid and fairway wood player. Play your best golf with Mark's simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and reviews.

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The Lobotomite says:

Using an EYE-2 2i at the moment might get the 2 iron on this possibly a 1

Nick Wells-Bundtzen says:

I just bought the 3i version of the MP H5… never have a problem getting
height so this was perfect. Hit between 225 and 240 so threw away my
hybrid and rarely use my 3 wood now. It’s easier to hit than my 4i or 3i
in the past. A great club to fill in that distance between your driver and
irons when you don’t feel great about a 3 wood. I use this off the tee on
shorter par 4s, 2nd shot on par 5’s, and long par 3’s. Great club

Garth Garthly says:

Be interesting to know what kind of run out they do get over, say, three
and five woods.

SomethingEveryone says:

Needs to learn how to say the letter ‘H’. It’s ‘aitch’ not ‘haitch’.
Annoying but a good review all the same.

Jeremy Heslop says:

I’d game them

LilFinga says:

peter finch hits a real 1 iron. good review

John White says:

I know I’m addicted to watching golf videos when I watch one like this. I
won’t ever attempt to hit a 1 or 2 iron! Well, I guess a 1 iron might be
useful when I’m chipping to get out of the trees.

Chris I says:

Got to agree with your take on these, not something I’d be playing either.
I have enough difficulty with irons longer than a 5, just not strong enough
to work them well and get much better distance and better accuracy out of
my hybrids with a slower swing. I see from the launch monitor data, your
hits were consistently fades, intentional? 

Jorge Torres says:

Hey Mark you should do a review on these, they are getting more popular..
712u, Rapdure DI, the TM UDI, etc etc..

James Howarth says:

Never heard Mark justify why he wouldn’t use a club so much! Don’t worry
I’m sure the mizuno big wigs don’t watch your reviews! 

asdffdsa28 says:

When hitting off a tee, how do the 1i numbers change? I’m expecting this
club in the mail any day now and will probably use it exclusively off the
tee. I’m new to golf, and have spent the summer at the range trying to get
a grip on my iron play. This is the final step for my season, and I’d be
curious to have a benchmark (your numbers) to compare against.

Andrew Showalter says:

I have just recently purchased the Mizuno MP-15 irons 4-PW. I have played 5
rounds and love the irons and even hit the 4 iron fairly accuarte. My
question is i have a 13degree 3 wood and a now 24degree 4 iron. Huge gap in
clubs. Trying to decide between a club like the H5 in a 2 iron (18 degree)
or just get a hybrid club. Any suggestions on benfits, advantage, or
disadvantage to either choice?

Edward Tolentino says:

I just bought the 2 iron MP-H5 and i feel like they are easier to hit than
my MP-54 3 iron. Its a great club to have in the bag if you prefer hitting
irons over woods and hybrids. To be honest with the bulky back of the 2
iron its almost the hybrid of a hybrid and a 3 iron if that makes sense.
Its a great buy and everyone should try it!

Hotdogxxxx says:

I am gaming the H4 2 and 3 iron and I am absolutely loving it. Actually I
currently prefer to play a 2 iron shot that using my 3 wood. It is just
must easier to hit. I don’t game hybrids because they usually flight to
high and are much more effected by the Wind. For me, long irons all day

maxxsee says:

“Is going to maneuvor, going over trees” Watch 6:30 possible UFO. It moves
incredibly fast over the trees. Quite far away about 100 yards atleast and
a bird? Not sure birds are that fast. Might be an insect though but as said
it looks like it’s going behind the trees.
Interesting timing also “Going over the trees” and there it is.
Thumbs up! 

David Ha says:

hi mark! what camera are you using for your videos? the quality of the
slow-mo is incredible.

Paul Brunt says:

Great vid again mark, do you think you need to be above a certain swing
speed to game these clubs or is it more angle of attack.

Blarg13 says:

Great video looks like something I could replace i3 1 iron with

billiardpro18 says:

+Markcrossfield = God… Only God can hit a 1 iron… Lol

Mrjamesgrimes says:

hey Mark why do you do an introduction then do your title music then do
another introduction EVERY VIDEO. its nearly a minute before you start
your review. GET ON WITH IT!

danep82 says:

1.24 One of Us

bonobobananas says:

What is the point in doing this video off the deck? These are driving
irons, what were the stats off a tee? Would you get stats for a driver from
off the ground? Waste of time.

Strat TelePaul says:

They could eliminate the “chunk” by making a sole weighted muscleback. It
would have some forgiveness, and be easier to launch. I am hoping the new
Hogan company will bring back the Radial design. The easiest to hit, most
forgiving blade ever made.

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