Mizuno MP-T5 Wedges with Luke Donald

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mizunogolfeurope says:

We do every loft from 49 to 62 degrees. The 59 won’t be held in stock at
retail – would need to be ordered from us.

Zack Jordan says:

they said that they come in literally every loft, but the mizuno website
doesn’t have every loft, where can get a 59 degree wedge?

Eddy Choe says:

When are you releasing all of these clubs in the U.S?

Adam Mckinstray says:

These will be going straight in the bag along side with my mp54’s!!

Conal Crevase says:

When do they come out in the UIK?

Joe Simmons says:

But was it 68 yards!?

Mox_au says:

Dear Santa….

JWalk says:

time to start saving for a new set of wedges!

Mark Gillespie says:

Nice high quality production…. Good job mizuno 

Richard Hayes says:

So when do we get to see Luke hit the new JPX 850 Driver? Also, why doesn’t
Mizuno sell any putters in the US?

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