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Mark Crossfield PGA professional tests in todays golf equipment review the new Mizuno MP 18 irons. these bladed golf irons from Mizuno Golf are aimed at players who want feel control and demand a certain look from a golf club. TaylorMade, Ping, Titlesit and Callaway all make bladed irons but Mizuno still seem to enjoy lots of respect in the bladed market. For a forged golf iron the Mizuno brand stands as one of the masters.

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alun morgan says:

Yes it's the most beautiful club I've seen. My game is going the wrong way to use a full blade now though ?

vydhirs says:

mp5s still look better

Guy Davey says:

Pretty! But it's not Carling! Bring on the Vega or Frozen Rope! Come on Mark… support local quality.. ish?

Villain McKilem onXbox1 says:

I am past the point of consideration. I ordered a 3-pw this past Tuesday. I however got my 3 as mp 18 SC

Gavin Tk says:

I play off about 16 and have the MP25s 5 -PW and JPX Flyhi 3 & 4 hybrids. I love the 25s and while people say I am not really good enough for them, my proximity to the hole has gotten so much better since the move from "game improvement" irons. I've finally gotten rid of the knuckleballs that plagued my game and flew the greens far to often.

Daniel KGolf says:

I want them i need them but im so afraid that im not good for them ?

David Allen says:

Playing MP-32s now. Moved over from Adams Idea Pro this summer. Love the muscle back blade and the feel of the gf forged. They don't go as far as the forged adams irons (lost 5 to 7 yards of each iron, 5-P), but I feel they allow me more control. I just need to remember to up club rather than try to step on a higher lofted club…my mizuno 7 iron just will not fly further than 162 yds regardless of how hard I step on it. (Whereas the Adams 7 can jump up from 165 to 170 yds when I reach back.) And they look awesome!!

Erich Fouke says:

I grew up playing Mp-14's.  I've played Mp-29's, Grads or what you called TPZ's, T-Zoid Pro's, and currently Mp-63's.  They are clubs that work and I trust them.  I tried G2's once and I sliced and hit horrible shots with them.  Went back to blades and hit straight and baby draws.    Very interested in the new offerings from Mizuno.  Also have TP-9's and TP-19's just for fun.  I was and still am a Faldo fan.

Justin King says:

I think most people would agree that you and Shiels were fairly close when it came to your reviews a few years ago. But I have to say, you have far surpassed him on editing/video quality and frankly, golf/product knowledge. I don't think you two are "competing" but Rick should be taking notes lol.

peartfaldo says:

I think Im going to cry;-)

Daniel January says:

Just hit these irons twenty minutes ago in the fitting booth, feels like a hot knife through butter.

Travis I says:

Size comparison to the 718 MB or CB might have been appropriate…

Benson Russell says:

So an idea for a quick test as it's something I just did for myself :). I saw you stepping off a yardage count, but have you ever measured your stride accuracy? As silly as this sounds, when I realized how off I was, I saw how it was costing me strokes because my yardages were off enough that I'd play the wrong shot.

Here's an easy test to try on the course or chipping green. Pace out 30 yards from a flag, then take your range finder and see what the actual distance is. What I came to realize is that my casual walking pace stride is just under 2 feet. That meant I was actually 20 yards away when I thought I was 30. I have to purposefully take a longer stride to get it to be a proper yard.

Just food for thought :). Thanks again for another great video.

Lawrence Stowe says:

The most beautiful clubs I've ever seen! Just picked up some mp68's for a good price but these are the dream!

Robert Franks says:

Where does the button down polo come from!?

Gareth Bingham says:

Mizuno make the best looking clubs end of!!! I worry that with technology & the help that people get with these really chunky clubs that yes they improve as a golfer (numbers/score) wise, but do they improve as much ability wise because they don't get the feedback from a lifeless super game improver iron as they would from a blade/muscle back?

Bigslick904 says:

Mizuno crafts some pretty irons. I'd game them from 7-pw.

Jake Vaverka says:

I game MP-5s and won't change, but mostly because of cost.

Dru Buchan says:

All about the topline on the club and not the £££££££££££.

Any comments or feed back on topline differences for MP18 vs MP4 ?? – If it looks as think as it does and Mark mentions compared to MP5 am afraid to say I might just have to stick with my MP4's 🙁
But they are one sexy looking club !!!!!!!!!!!

James Webb says:

I just dribbled a lot

Alan Waterworth says:

I´d love to see you do and on course comparison between these and Titleist MB-718, and maybe throw a parallel comparison with Mizuno MP-5 and Titleist CB-718. See which you prefer. These on course tests are far more interesting than someone whacking balls into a screen at an indoor bay and giving us only theoretical dry ball data.

Mark Harrison says:

I think it's disgusting that you are allowed to broadcast such filth!! This should be strictly for xxx sites…… ❤️❤️❤️

Daniel Nel says:

I’ve always played mid-handicap type irons because I’m a mid handicapper and that’s what the manufacturers and fitters said would suit me best. Started playing JPX900 Tour and striking the ball better than ever, dropped 4shots of my handicap. Not saying it’s the clubs, I’ve been practicing. And that’s my point – because I can now better “feel” my off center strikes I work harder at hitting them center.

Thomas Cooper says:

I want them so bad

Rahul Garhwal says:

Mark Crossfield..Mizuno MP….Faldo Inspired…Internet will break

Riley Reynolds says:

The comparison was very cool. Really looking forward to trying these irons out!

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