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Mark Crossfield PGA professional reviews and tests the new Mizuno MMC MP18 irons on the golf course and with launch monitor data. See what these MP18 irons could do for your golf game. the forged heads with multi material design and classic bladed looks will be very desirable golf clubs. Will they help you lower your scores and will they help you improve your golf game more than say a Callaway, Taylormade or Titleist iron.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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Matt O'Connor says:

Can we get a MP18 MMC Fli Hi review please bruh!!!!! Especially the 2 or 3 iron, I'm looking for a driving iron/utility to mix in with my TM M2 iron set. My 4i is pretty strong so I need a 210-220 club to fill the gap between 4i and 3W. Thinking this could be it considering I hit my irons better than hybrids/rescues. Would love a review of these or some feedback Mark!

Michael Woody says:

Probably going to test an MP-18 and MP18 SC combo after the great reviews!!

Golpher Guy says:

great video work

TheNameGame says:

Hey Mark great job with the reviews! I'm going to combo the MP-18s going with the MMC 6 and 7 irons 8 and 9 will be the SC's PW will be the MP-18 blades. Can't wait to get them. I'll be keeping my MP-25MP-5 combo just in case they don't preform. I think my combo of the 25/5s will spin more but we'll see.

devonpetersen says:

Hey Mark, loving the on-course videos. I have watched 5 or 6 now and it seems to me you play exactly the same every time, no matter which clubs you have in your hand (which goes along perfectly with what you have been preaching now for some time)! Great lesson there. Even though I know the clubs don't make a huge difference, I still love watching the reviews and staying up with the latest offerings. Keep it up, mate! Cheers.

kfree1966 says:

MMC 4-6/7 SC 8-wedge

Christopher Campbell says:

Bought the MMC’s I hit them better so I went with them!

Gustav Vik says:

I would go combo set MCC 5-7 and blades 8-PW.

Frédéric Pellevet says:

Mark, what about the MMC Fli-Hi?? I would be curious to hear your thoughts on them…

Matt Weaver says:

I got Fli-hi in 3 thru 5. MMC 6 & 7, blades 8-pw. I have not bought irons in 12 years, hope I enjoy these

east rider says:

You should test these compared to mp15

T Crow says:

My set: 3-5 iron in Fli-Hi & 6-P in SC. I tried them all and the SC was my favorite iron, but the Fli-Hi was amazing in the long irons. I'm tempted to go as far as using the Fli-Hi into the 6-iron too. It is THAT good!

Oldbumlife says:

Mark, best vids on the tube bruh. Better iron… jpx900 forged or MP 18 MMC?

Klay Moon says:

Need to try them before making a decision, but just on the look department, 718 AP2 looks the best to my eyes.

zach erickson says:

how do you put the tracer on ball flight in your videos? i think its awesome and curious how you do it.

Ben Morriss says:

Would love a combo set of these irons but being a lefty there isn't the option

alun morgan says:

Will be trying these soon. Possible combo with the SC ?

josho1989 says:

Mark can you please do a mp18 vs mp5 video. thanks

AJCgolf says:

Mark can you compare the Mp-18 range to the Jpx900 tour?

spinball6363 says:

Playing mp53 now. Which would be a close replacement? SC or MMC?

Philip Smith says:

MMC and SC combo

Lloyd Bolton says:

I would probably combo but out of the three sets I would choose the MMC as a full set.

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