Mizuno MP25 Irons

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Mizuno MP25 Irons reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the new MP iron from Mizuno golf and talks about who might enjoy this irons and get the most from it. The Grain Flow Forged iron has all the classic Mizuno MP looks and feels with some modern twists.


shawn199500 says:

You never say shaft you are playing? Stock Project x rifle 5.5 ?

Anthony Loiselle says:

Mc- don't see the point in giving help away
Then games blades

Marc Wienkowitz says:

Tried these at my club's Mizuno demo day. While they felt good and gave good results, I just didn't like how they framed the ball, especially in the shorter clubs (9 iron and pitching wedge). The MP 25 looks a little too chunky for me, think Titleist AP2. I wound up ordering a set of JPX 900 Tours. Ever so slightly better feel, doesn't feel like I gave up anything in the forgiveness department, and they look amazing behind the ball. Not sure whether it's the slightly different head shape or the finish, but it was a much easier transition from my Titleist MB to the 900 Tour. That said, I could just as easily bag a set of MP 25

tat 22020 says:

just got 4-PW with KBS Tour stiff shafts. Love them. top line is a little thicker than most mp but not a huge deal

SteelWarrior115 says:

acoustics affect feel because they are both mechanical vibrations due to impact

D Cary says:

Bought these to replace mp59s; not impressed. Don't know if it is the boron, but find them very harsh to hit – none of the Mizuno feel. I use H4 2&3 irons, and H5s (4-PW) when wanting a bit more forgiveness and they both feel much better. Got some MP-5s (wonderful) and the 25s are heading for eBay.

Mox_au says:

I would love these. I sold my MP-53s and got Callaway X-hot pros a while back. Also going from dygold s200s to projectx 6.0s. I love the callaways and they hit a country mile, but I really, really miss my Mizunos. Next set I buy, I will never sell.

Joshua Samms says:

I love it. What you put in is what you get out. Very workable club. Love to own a set. just don't know what kind wedges I would need. 🙂

Dynozrx says:

#nothingfeelslikeMizuno JPX825Pro irons in the bag! Staying in there….. MP-25`s were to much off-line at mis hits.
Did not try the H5`s yet.

Wayne Swisher says:

Mark , I currently play the MP 59 irons. Is it worth up grading to the MP 25. I am a 10 handicap.The Mp 59 has a titanium insert and that MP 25 has a Boron head. Any suggestions Thanks for the review.

Pradonious says:

Have the mp54. Love them. Would be great to see a comparison review of Mp 25 vs Mp54…and if you can get your hands on it, the Mp 55 (Japan release only)

Station 2 says:

Ok, we'll make sure we're fit, and not buying clubs that exceed our ability. Now about the iron itself? How does the PW look compared to the 8i. How does the 4 iron change over the mid irons?

Station 2 says:

Ok, we'll make sure we're fit, and not buying clubs that exceed our ability. Now about the iron itself? How does the PW look compared to the 8i. How does the 4 iron change over the mid irons?

Combobulate says:

Mark, aren't the 25's very similar specs to the clubs you game the Hp5?

Matt Pisz says:

I've been in the market for new irons all summer and just bought these. I hit the demo set of these at my local shop and loved them. I tried the vapor pro's l, callaway apex, and many others and kept coming back to these.

The feel incredible. Good hits feel smooth and effortless. My mishits tend to be more off the heel and the club is more forgiving than what a lot of people were saying.

I did sacrifice a little distance. My old clubs I could hit my 6 iron around 180/190 carry. I'm probably down to 170/180 with the MP-25's. Where I lost the distance I made up in feel and control.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone but especially those who are mid handicappers who might be looking to move more into a players iron.

Ryan Johnston says:

Hi Mark, is there any significant improvements or benefits from the MP-54's? It seems like the 25's are replacement for those?

Peter Hughes says:

Mizuno irons are the ones I dream of having but are always just out of reach

Kirbi Fagan says:

Not Kirbi… her dad.

Kirbi Fagan says:

I hit these tonight and as some others, weren't all that impressed. I like the MP 54's more, as they feel softer and little more forgiving. I'm in the market for a new set of irons with a little more forgiveness, and I was hoping these would be contender. Unfortunately not. The search continues.

Matthew Rampersad says:

I never considered Mizuno clubs until this one. I still have a few more years to get out of my current irons but I will have to keep this line on my short list when I'm ready. It's a beautiful club and the forged head may work for me. A softer feel appeals to me. Through this channel, some others and lessons, I'm hitting the ball farther than ever and I'm in my 40's. So I'm no longer chasing distance but control and workability. I don't like a high launching club and Mizuno is now on my radar.

lagwagon501 says:

What do you mean not as long as other irons? Because of the truer lofts? I know many manufacturers are guilty of going strong on lofts to claim "longer".

Sunghwan Choi says:

I have played with my mp 32 blades and now looking for something to replace them with. I have tried these new clubs and felt that they were not as soft in feel. The sound was a bit different but the distance was longer. Still can't let go of my mp32s but I would like another mizuno clubs with a same feel and a bit more help.

Steve Smith says:

Tried the JPX850 forged and the MP25 irons today. Loved both clubs. To my surprise with the same shaft (KBS tour 115 stiff) the MP25 was both longer and straighter. Dispersion was awesome. From 15 shots only 10 yards left to right and 12 from front to back. Was impressed with JPX 850 Forged, but the slightly heavier feel of the MP25 gave me real confidence to hit this product. #nothingfeelslikeamizuno

cvlyons18 says:

Tried these at my local golf shop. I play to a single digit handicap. Was actually not impressed with these. I'm a big mizuno fan, as well as ping and titleist. I felt like these were a little hard feeling with the boron. Distance was fine, just didn't like the feel overall. I thing mizuno is still a traditionalist company for the most part as well as titleist. Ping has gone to the dark side with their past two models with longer club lengths and stronger lofts.

James Harvey says:

Top line is too thick, otherwise a lovely iron.

Eric Davidson says:

Really liked the new graphic that you showed with the launch angle, carry distance and spin rate extending in front of the club as you hit the ball.  This would be an excellent tool when you are doing comparisons of different clubs in a line or across manufacturers.  Much simpler illustration as compared to seeing all the shots at once.

Mark Jeffery says:

Gorgeous looking clubs, I just don't play enough to warrant swapping my JPX825 Pro's for them. Will need to resist temptation as there's a Mizuno testing day coming up at the club in two weeks time!

Danielsan says:

How are they compared to MP59? Are they more forgiving?? The handicap range for MP59 should be +2 – 12 and MP25 from 0 – 10???,
The 25s look more forgiving to me and that is what I am looking for. I really hope they are more forgiving, with a little more distance?

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Would love to do these in 6-PW and H5 in the 4-5 irons. Perfect setup. Wonderful clubs and great feel.

Nick McDonald says:

Had a Mizuno fit on our range, two nights ago wanting to upgrade from MP53's. I'm an 8-11 mark golfer at Kingston Heath, with 82mph on a 6 iron and 100-103 on driver. I tried H5's – too high, JPX forged- too big too ugly and was a bit reluctant to head for 25's thinking I'm not good enough. Hit some brand new MP-25's and could see the range ball marks clearly thus knowing what's off centre and whats not. By the way the Mizuno fitter (one of the most senior ones) said these are "significantly" more forgiving than the 54/53 's. He actually threw a figure of 25% in and i can't argue) Off centre hits within 1cm of the dead set centre only lost a couple of metres and one high on the face out near the toe actually had good numbers, but I was aiming for a fade and club speed was up a couple. The first one I hit I thought "oh damn that's low on the face and off the heel" and the ball mark confirmed exactly what I thought. The numbers were still really quite good – a quality miss you might say and still on the green if I was shooting for the middle. And I'm talking about the numbers once I had compared them to some flushed shots a bit later. So the feedback is excellent. Possibly too much for some – you know when you've missed it. So in the end I'm inclined to disagree with Mark a bit here, I think they are quite forgiving based on the actual results I got, with trackman and visually. They are gorgeous to look at and the head is quite small – they look like a players club. If you've been playing a bigger head you might lose confidence looking at these. Impact is soft and powerful feeling, perhaps not as buttery as the 53's, but you do feel a little more explosion off the face – which of course could be noise. They don't 'thwack' like a cast iron game improver and they don't 'click' like a forged blade, more of a muted 'crack'. As a side note the shafts on my 53's were way too soft, despite a club fit indoors with the Mizuno thingy years back. Shifted up to a better suited shaft and picked up around 5 metres. So if you are thinking about these, get on a range, get with a Mizuno fitter and do it properly. Have ordered a set with the grips I want, the shaft I need and the knowledge that they are absolutely right for me. Simply can't wait to get out there and try them.

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