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Jarrett Christensen says:

agree with you mark one of my friends uses blades even though his handicap is about 26 and he crushes them and hit them consistently.

Colby McCormick says:

Most of us can't afford to buy a new set of irons (or even used sets) just to experiment with. We rely on videos like yours, custom fitting and sims at golf shops. Do our best with that knowledge.

Nolyn Void says:

I love this! I learned on 1990-ish model Wilson Palmer irons. Sure, it sucks when when mis-hit, but the feed back is un-teachable. All through high school golf, I never hit driver or 3 wood, I learned how to hit 3 iron and keep my ball in play. After a few knee surgery's, I thought I might like some help with my golf game…Here we go! So I bought jpx 825 pro with KBS X-stiff per a mizuno fitting. Ball flight was very high. I really liked the feel, but not not the trajectory. Next I tried Titleist AP1, thinking I needed more help coming off of my 2nd re-constructed knee surgery. Ehh..Felt okay, ball flight still to high. Finally went back to what I always wanted, Mizuno. I found some MP-53 for a good deal and have not looked back. Until today. I hit MP-5. WOW!!! These are the first clubs I've hit that might kick mine out! I LOVE MY MP-53, BUT HOLY CRAP!! The MP-5's are legit. It's all about what makes you comfortable and happy in life. Looking down at these made me smile, and hitting them made me satisfied. I will be getting these soon. Still working out what shaft, S300 work so good for me, but shaft optimizer says KBS X-Tour or Project X 6.5 . I'd rather soft step X-100 or try S400.

James Harvey says:

I've been saying this for years!!! You always used to say the opposite…testing blades saying "i'd like to play these but i'm not good enough.." Glad you've seen the light.

Bickety Bam says:

Have gamed these MP5s since they launched – they are truly well crafted irons – also use a bladed forged set of Cleveland wedges (Jap imports). I stop at a 7 iron in the MP5s and blend them into a the Cobra One forged single lengths down to 4 and then a 2 iron MP5H.
I have messed around with hybrids but I still haven't found any that truly suit my eye.

More players should go hit the MP5 (or similar blade cos the Mizunos aren't cheap – personally I would give the Wilsons a look if I was in the market now) – if you want to improve your golf feel and feedback are massively important IMO and you can't beat a more bladed iron for that.

Golf Buddy says:

Mark – I play the MP5 as well. I must say they are the best set of irons I've ever had. Distance control is spot on, and they just sound and perform brilliantly.

SilverfoxThe says:

Very interesting, Mark. I have felt we've been "sold on forgiveness" too. I'm by no means a very low handicap (9 or 10 depending on form) but I like blade-like irons. I've tried forgiveness in my set and it didn't improve my scoring like I'd hoped. I'm recently back with more blade-like irons and the scores are the same. The fault therefore is with the golfer, not the equipment!

Erik Korhonen says:

Do you think the consistency with distance control comes from them being blades? Or that they are more traditional lofts opposed to jacked up lofts that alot of irons are today?

scott leeson videos says:

i swapped from xr pros to mp25s with px 6.5s …..best choice ever. distance control is bang on….my second round playing with them i shot my best round ever (5 shots off my previous best) and won the club medal comp that weekend! boom

Simon Lane says:

stayed with the blades since the t zoid swotched to mb for a while now back to the 37s. You have helped my path and strike so much.

beebs599 says:

I changed from a game improvement iron to a blade at the beginning of this year, my scores have actually improved a couple strokes per round and I don't see much difference in the shots, very happy with the blades, won't be going back

Andrew Shone says:

Hi Mark,

Wondered if you could help me with something, I currently have a set of Titleist dci 990's, I'm playing off around 12 however I have been as low as 4 (I am recovering from a Achilles tendon rupture), I was looking at getting fit for something like Titleist AP2's, TM M1's or Ping i200's, do you think its worth shelling out the £800 for a set? have the irons improved to the point I will notice a difference. or are my 990's still cutting the mustard!

thanks in advance,


Viewgolf says:

Very well put sir

Justin Swan says:

Would love to see a photo of one of your iron faces to get a feeling of your dispersion across the face.
When I got fit for irons, there did seem to be a significant difference between the drop off numbers of the different iron categories, but I wonder if some of it was mental or me feeling less confident with the players irons and producing worse strikes as a result.

Kenneth Young says:

just copped these today, 3-p! tested em against the ft15s. hogans were butter from the fridge; these were butter that spreads. waited a long time to switch out me fg 51s a la payne stewart, but i couldnt contain my need for these japanese beauties any longer. thanks for sharing!

John Welsh says:

Mark what do you think of the mizuno mp h5 for a newer player. I haven't played long but enjoy it and as far as I have found the mp h5 are supposed to be "forgiving" and have truer lofts

Peter Adolfsen Løhmann says:

I changed this winter from an old Titleist "chunky" club (DCI Oversize) to a Mizuno MP-54 set (bought second-hand9. They're, quite simply, brilliant to play with. It's not a pure blade, but a cross-over thing, but I am starting (or was before we left for Canada) to garner the smallest of feelings of where I hit the ball on the club face. I had little inkling before. And if I want to get better at golf that has to be number 1. I also think they look really nice, and I feel like more of a "proper" golfer with them in my bag. They give me confidence.

Finally, they're the most forgiving set of clubs I've ever played or tested. I've rarely had a bad strike go considerably shorter than it "should", and they're a lot better to hit from out of the weeds – I've actually hit greens from quite some way out with them, despite being in the rough, and I never got that before.

Michael Quinn says:

The help game improvment irons give is on helping players ignore the fact they have poor ball striking. Take 2 players on a par 3 tee box, big drop off in front and front pin location. Both players take dead aim at the pin and hit it it out of the toe and come up short leaving an impossible chip to a tight pin.

Player one is hitting blades and walks off the tee box shaking his head "hit that one toey", to which player two reminds him AGAIN that hes not good enough to play blades and that he needs to buy some pingy shovelways. He then proceeds to dump his shot in the same place, "ahhh i hit that really well, must be wind up there or yardage is wrong".

Reality is they both hit the wrong shot trying to be greedy going at the pin rather than taking more club and taking the bad miss out of play (short). Then they both struck the ball badly leaving no room for error in their shot choice. Then they are both walking up to the green in identical circumstances. One blaming his clubs, the other blaming everything else other than himself or his clubs.

Out of the two i know which player i fancy to score better on this hole next round. Also who will be a better ball striker next year.

Ornby1 says:

I'm using blades from 6 to PW , I find you have to work with them and not try and over power them , good tempo ,balance and a good strike give good results.

G B says:

Offset is the main difference and any golfer who is not used to little/no offset from a blade will struggle at first – persevere! Blades/Muscle backs feel so much better

Garry Grant says:

or….buy Callaways Epic sgi irons at £1650….. yikes!

Lee Kowalski says:

I believe people struggle with blades as they are told they are more difficult to hit and that plays on their mind. I find them no harder to hit than any other club and in someways easier as they have less offset making alignment easier

Josh Skipworth says:

Thought about getting some of those footjoys but after watching this I could not handle all that squeaking

Jay Collins says:

Great video Mark! I am a bogey golfer, but I think my next set will NOT be game improvement. I understand how hitting your target distance is more important than "max" distance.

Tom says:

purchased a set of titlest 712mbs for a 100$au they look scaryyy

Danny Macpherson says:

I have been playing, going on my 3rd year now, and last year when I purchased my first set of clubs that weren't handy downs (10+ year old clubs) I ended up getting the APEX pro's. I was told I should get improvement irons for the obvious reason but felt like I could understand my swing and mechanics better if I was getting more feedback from the clubs. It has pushed my game tremendously and made me a better player today because i was able to understand my mishits quicker and fixed them to a more functional swing to get better strikes and ball control (draw, fade, low, high … etc) Went from a 13 handicap to currently a 6.8 in a matter of months.

Mark keep it up bruh!! You truly are a big help!

danny collins says:

I've used Mizuno MP32's since they came out. I was told not to by the shop pro because I was a 24 handicap but I loved the look and feel

Since then I've had the Jpx 850 irons and sold them so I could continue with the MP32's. The reason is exactly as you said about distance control.

eduardo fandango says:

Been using my combo set (mp-5 / mp-h5) for about 6 months. Don't have a handicap but guess it's about 26. Love it when people look in my bag and tell me I shouldn't be playing "blades" and then congratulate me on lovely iron shots. I'm a 26 hcap because of inconsistencies with woods. Put me on a Par 3 course (200y-100y) with nothing longer than a 3i and I'm more like a 12 hcap.

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