Mizuno MP54 Irons

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Mizuno MP54 Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark Hits the new Mizuno MP54 iron and talks about its feel and concepts. Can this forged grain flow forged golf iron help you to hit more greens and improve your golf game. With its classic head design and and milled cavity this golf iron will appeal to the better player looking for control and feel.

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Veli-Matti U says:

I´ve had these MP54 irons now for 2 seasons – really like them! Used AP2´s before that!

Lance Chennault says:

Just pulled the trigger on a set of these…moving from my old Titleist 704cb…anxious to hit them…thank you for the review

Mox_au says:

53s are still the nicest clubs i've owned, surprisingly closely followed by nike VR splits, loooved those clubs

Len Stanga says:

Looking at changing to these from my MP-32's. Love the 32's, but looking for more forgiveness and help with the long irons. Comments?

Fraser Stewart says:

I've had these for a year now in XP105 shafts and have been very pleased with them, so worth looking for on the second hand market they'd be good value. The only reason i'd consider changing them is to some powerbat thing like the CF16, my MP54 7iron is the same loft as the CF16 6 iron. For me the 4 iron has been a bit inconsistent so i switched that to a hybrid recently.

ryan morris says:

these feel sooooo good. I have them with the orochi graphite shafts. there is a definite improvement in feel on the 53 (which I also gamed and the 59s). absolutely adore.

Icy Fan says:

I cant believe they are still selling these!!!!   I finally stepped up from the Titleist 755's to the MP 54's.  I am telling you…I Love The Way These Feel.  The sound of a well struck ball off of these is like no other.  Thanks Mark for selling these to me.  If it hadnt been for you, Parfield,  I would have never even thought of buying a set of Mizunos.

Lee Bodd says:

Got the T-Made superfast 85 burners, looking to upgrade, whenever I've hit a Mizuno I've liked them. Just wondered if these would be considered an upgrade or not, if not, any suggestions? I know this video was from over a year ago but a certain golf shop has dropped the price on the MP54's. (16Hcp) Thanks, Lee.

Brevin Slusher says:

I am thinking about switching from the Rocketblades to these irons. Went and tried them and they feel silky smooth. It is also a "players iron", which i am going into highschool next year.

Thomas Crawford says:

Kept my Titleist DCI's a bit long – 20+ years – but just switched to the MP54's after an exhausting but exhilarating fitting. I mean I swung everything and this club was butter (!) while also 20 yds longer (6i) with by far the best control of toe shots/mishits which I suffer from. Extremely happy with these.

Seth Hill says:

This season I'm buying mp54 in the 4-6 iron and having my mp32 7-pw refurbished…I just struggle a little more than I want to accept in the long iron blades…for curiosity sake, could you do a demo comparing mp54 against apex pro?

james santiago says:

Just bought a mix set of these! Mp54 4-7 and MP4 8-P. Excellent clubs and excellent review

Justin Easley says:

Mark, thanks for excellent review.  After watching a few of your videos reviewing the MP 54's, I decided to have a set custom fit for me.  After playing them for the last 2 1/2 months, I will have to say the MP 54's are the purest irons I have ever gamed.  I have played with forged irons from Adams and Nike over the last several years, and they really don't come close to the feel and aesthetics of the MP 54.  When looking down at address, they inspire an incredible amount of confidence.  I also love knowing that there is a little forgiveness in the long irons in case I'm not swinging 100% on any given day.  You have made a Mizuno fan out of me!

Charles Harrewyn says:

Hi there matey, I wanted to get another set of Mizuno's that are a little more forgiving, I currently play with 64's on a 10 HC and really like the feel and everything about them, but wondered if I could get a more forgiving club for the winter maybe the 54's, not sure which clubs Mizuno do that are more on the forgiving side? Any help will be appreciated.

diegosvega says:

The feel of the 54´s and the mp4´s are similar?? i´m buying a combo set: 4-5 MP54, and 6 to PW MP4´s.  I think the MP64 are not as "easy" as the 54´s.  What do you think??

Örn Þórðarson says:

Just changed to the mp-54 from ap2 irons. The change was more down to the shafts since I was moving away from the s300 to KBS Tour shafts. I did love the ap2s but absolutely adore my Mizunos – fantastic set of irons!
Thank you for all the videos!

I Hate Thermo says:

Looking into these irons, love the feel of them but I always like to compare. Any suggestions for a similarly feeling/ performing iron?

Paul Davis says:

Just got a set of these.  Looking forward to first use this weekend…seems like too long away and swinging them in the dining room is annoying the family!

Jeremy Simms says:

About to swap out my 5 and 4 Hogan Apex Plus irons for the MP54 after absolutely loving the 64s and 69s in the mid and short irons. Hogans are a treat, but the modern Mizunos offer that slight bit of extra distance and help with the launch, particularly on thin shots. Great video as always, Mark.

Mark Rice says:

I'm playing the JPX 800s for three years… Handicap has gone to a 10 in that time. My strike is pretty good with my irons, making good contact with the sweet spot, so wonder if I can jump to these from my 800s… Thoughts?  How much forgiveness will I lose?  I play two or three times a week, though only 9 holes at a time.

Brett Dumont says:

Switched from Nike slingshots hl that I had for about 5-6 years now to the 54s and I must say that just the overall feel from switching from a cast to a forged club is amazing as well as the 54s forgiveness witch I thought I was going to lose switching from my Nikes

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