Mizuno MP54 TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons

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Mizuno MP54 TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons reviewed and compared by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits up the two players irons that feature some friendly features to help you hit some great iron shots. The Mizuno MP54 iron with its grain flow forged compared to the new TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB irons used by PGA golf professionals. With the help of GC2 launch monitor mark presents real ball data including launch angles, spin rates and distance to show you how each golf club is really preforming.


DjTak3On3 says:

taylormade wins Mark just admit it :D

PingDrv00 says:

The CB’s are actually cast throughout the set.

Garth Garthly says:

I am a highish handicapper, and recently checked the lofts and lengths of
my 1 year old rbz irons against my 13 year old mizuno mp 33s. The rbz 5
iron is between the 4 and 3 mp 33 iron. However, I hit the mp 33 4 iron a
bit further than the rbz 5 iron. So the conclusion is, the mps hit the ball
further all things being equal. As i hit the mps I had to improve my strike
quite a bit, but after a while I got the hang of it again. So my conclusion
is, blades improve your swing, and so called “helpful” clubs actually
degrade your swing. If you go back to mizuno blades, it might actually
tighten up your swing, Mark.

laiosto says:

I’m looking to get fitted for MP 54s as a Christmas present to myself,but I
am not sure if they are a comedown from my current set.Should I go for the
MP-4s instead?Just to brag.I play Mizuno MP-29s I got off ebay for
$250.People gush about them,saying they are the greatest irons Mizuno has
made.I recently picked up golf after a brief foray 20 years ago.I am a high
handicapper,(I assume as I have no official handicap).After 3 months of
practice I can hit the Mp 29s fine.Don’t assume that blades are only for
experts,if I can hit them so can you.The sound is awesome when you middle
the ball.Nothing swells one’s head more than people saying “Wow,blades.How
do hit that 3 iron?”.Up to say a 5 iron,after some tips from my local
driving range pro,I am within 3 metres of the target pins.Apparently my
grip was too strong.

tuomas seppälä says:

TaylorMade makes you feel there is a little bit more “tech” in there. It
makes you feel “big” contributions thorough out the whole assortment.

austint4303 says:

I game MP54’s and I’m a 27 handicapper. #itsallaboutthestrike

I wanted a club I could “grow in to” and there is not a club, in my opinion
better than the MP54 ;-)

Roger Toye says:

Hi Mark
I did this comparison yesterday on a 6 iron, and Liked both clubs felt
the Mizuno is less forgiving but felt I could shape shots with it and looks
good for a forged club. TM CB was keeping me more on line, and seem to
give me something back if i hit it low on the face, of late I am Pulling a
few shots and find myself coming inside a bit but when struck sweetly they
both performed the same.

Google-is-a-pain says:

By and large, most of the OED irons will perform similarly in their
respective categories (blade vs blade, cavity vs cavity etc). Full kudos
to Mark for saying (once again for those people who can’t get it thru their
heads) that he likes the feel and looks of the Mizuno and that this comment
is purely subjective. Any performance differences between the two clubs he
leaves mainly up to the GC2 stats. 

James Tupper says:

Mark, just switch back to the MP’s. You know you want to! 

mike hunt says:

it’s is a ko in the first round winner mp54 

Strat TelePaul says:

To me, Mizuno should have stopped with the MP-52. Subsequent models have
been poor by comaparison. I currently game AP2. But I still have my 52’s as
a backup set. I also think TM is heading in the right direction with the MC.

Regarding lofts, I did have my AP2 4 and 5 iron lofts adjusted +2 and +1
degree respectively to give me a perfect 4 degree gap throughout the set
which equates to 9-11 yards. This was not so much to hit a certain
distance, but to improve the gap between 4,5, and 6. Three degrees was
simply not enough for me.

griimmfandango says:

Hi Mark,

Great videos, although i want more cours vlogs but i guess it just can´t be
all fun and games 😉

To the point, what happens if you compare these two clubs but with same
shafts? I just did a custom fitting on a set of MP-54´s and i tried
different shafts. The DG S300 gave me a launch angle of 14.8 and 5200 RPM
spinrate, then i tried them with KBS Tour S and got to launch angle 16 and
6000 RPM spinrate. And since the Dynamic gold is standard for MP-54 and KBS
Tour is standard for TM CB Irons, would this not affect the test when you
are comparing two heads with such different shafts? For instance that the
MP-54´s would ballon for you with KBS or that the CB irons would fly alot
lower with DG shafts?

Thanks for all the great videos!

Rasmus Helenius says:

Mark, could you please stop repeating the “buy in” stuff, when talking
about the Speed pocket on the Taylor Made. You are a reviewer, whether
we(the consumer) buys in to it or not is irrelevant. If YOU feel like it
makes no difference, then tell us… That’s why we watch your videos.
Thanks for the videos, keep getting stuck in :)

Thunder says:

Mark, I almost bought JPX-825 because of your reviews. I ended up with
Adams MB2 5-GW and MP Fli Hi 3 and 4 irons. I hit out the center more with
the smaller muscle backs but need extra help in the low clubs. Try MP-54
vs. EZ with scoring irons on the course. Thanks for the channel!

Elaine Swatton says:

Hi Mark I struggle to get a good strike off slopes. Are there any tips you
could give me to improve this.

Jason Smith says:

Was looking at changing from my aging MP57’s and possibly going down the
54’s route, however after testing them like for like I felt and found no
difference at all. Justify the expense…….. Sorry Mizuno,for me they
don’t look nice enough and I am an avid mizuno iron fan. Good review though

Loz Bain says:

Probably worth pointing out the loft on the 54 6 iron is 30 whereas that 5
iron is 24.5 degrees. Shame it was a comparison to the TP MC irons as those
lofts are almost identical.

R Cho says:

Haha, I was just deciding between he the 54 and the TP CB. I also chose the
54 based on the looks and how much softer it felt than the Taylormades.
Awesome set of clubs.

Brandon Nance says:

Mark, Great videos keep them coming. Being that you are such a huge muzzy
fan, can you pit the new AP2s vs the MP54s. The perfect players irons with
help. Mizzy grain flow forged vs the #1 trusted brand in golf. I would
love to hear your thoughts thanks.

Heath Barstow says:

Hi mark can you do a video on the taylormade rocket bladez tour and the new
tour preferred mc’s?

ND Hickman says:

I’ve been playing the MP 54’s for the last year. I do not regret that
purchase whatsoever. Love the running bird! 

colin tennant says:

Great stuff, for me, totally unbiased. Yes, you like Mizuno, but that
doesn’t make it a bad review. You can like strawberry ice cream and still
give a review on vanilla even if strawberry is your favourite!! 

kaiserbuk says:

As someone who plays MP54s I so want you to put them back in the bag – go
on, you know you want to! I’m off 11, you will murder them…

Peter Irlam says:

Mark how is it a fair test using a taylormade 5 iron and a mizuno 6 iron?

Felix Rivera says:

I’ve been golfing NOT even a year i wanna send you a video so you can help
me and give me tips but where do i send the video to? 

stephen childs says:

totally agree about looks and having a favourite or preferred brand. I play
Wilson staff FG V2 based on how they perform but also I love how they look
and I have always used Wilson from my very first set as a junior

Skopey says:

What are the little silver circular stickers? Strike markers or something?

Frith Christiansen says:

Bit off topic but could you possibly review the Adams Idea irons???

Se0what says:

I demoed the Mizuno and loved it. It’s soft and subble but I just hit so
clean with it. 

Hillman Hayes says:

I would love to see you hit the Adams XTD CC irons. 

TXchadTX says:


real faux says:

Lol, the replay at 4:40 is not from the shot he just hit. Did anyone else
notice that?

Brian Ford says:

taylormade ftw 4 me!

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