Mizuno playing interview with Sir Nick Faldo (Part 1 of 3)

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Malcolm Yon says:

great vlog i'm ready for the next part!!!!

James Howarth says:

Thanks for the video!

Kenny McHardy says:

Excellent? great insight from the great man ?️

Brendon Moo says:

It’s like being a fly on wall. Great video and loved that I’m using the same irons as Sir Nick.

David t says:

Thank you mizuno golf Europe. Always excellent content.

TheTirelessMinority says:

Love Nick. Middle weight thingy gave me a snort. Thanks to all that put the video together.

FF2312674333 says:

My golfing hero. 6 majors including back to back Masters.
Love listening to Sir Nick and watching him play.
Looking forward to the next 2.

Nidge N says:

Golfing gold, entertaining and informative at the same time.

mizunogolfeurope says:

Let us know if you enjoyed the video. We've part 2 and 3 when you're all ready.

Ryu Messersmith says:

nice playing lesson sir nick!
could listen to his pearls of wisdom all day..lol

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