Mizuno S5 Wedges

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Mizuno S5 Wedges reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks s5 wedges from Mizuno golf and who they might help. Looking closely at spin numbers and comparing to another leading wedge brand this is a honest and fun golf equipment review.


Mike Wohlwend says:

I just picked up a 50deg in these the other day. Still waiting for a chance to hit it.

John Davis says:

i just put a blue 52°&58° S5 in my bag. I switched From Vokey SM5 , which had a hard feel to them. these have that great forged Mizuno feel . great video's

Andrew Carder says:

i play these in 52*09 and 58*12 in white satin bc i dont play wit blue shit

Brian Forrester says:

Needed to rebuild my wedge makeup, from 52/56/60, as I switched from MPs with a 47* PW to the JPX-850F with 50* GW. Going with these blue S5 in 54/58. Gorgeous looking wedges and it'll be nice to hit a forged wedge after years of cast Clevelands.

Brandon Krieger says:

Hey Mark, what are your thoughts of the S5 56 degree with the 10 bounce versus the 14 bounce? I just purchased the 10 bounce from a recommendation of the sales person at the local golf store, but after watching your video and see you use a 14 bounce I am wondering if I should go back and exchange mine for a 14 bounce. I am trying to have a wedge from 70 yards or less from the green, hit from the sand and from around the green. I would love to hear what you think.

Sodthong says:

I'm sticking a 60 deg bluey in the bag just for sand work on my home course. Love the larger profile for bunker shots..

VWRabbit2008 says:

I've had many wedges including s5, sm6, Cleveland and my callaway Mack daddy and md3 are by far the best

Bobby Starnes says:

picking up my S5 wedges tomorrow. ..cool review!

Anthony Brown says:

Is "brand x" Yururi?

Wayne Swisher says:

Whats the difference between S5 wedges and Mp-T5 wedges. Is there much difference.

Richard Hannam says:

I've had my Dynacraft (yes you heard it right) custom fit cast steel irons for 15 years. I'm a decent golfer but in my 60's so not getting any stronger…or younger. The irons were feeling a bit heavy & the TT Lite shafts were getting a bit soft.
Time for some new gear.
Every manufacturer has compelling arguments about their clubs but I wanted to make the job simple. So I decided to look at only one make – the ever reliable & consistent Mizuno.
After three long fitting sessions (club fitting I mean) which were mainly about feel, fit & carry distance rather than launch angles & all that other techno babble, I decided on the gorgeous MP-H5's with XP95 shafts.
Next, it was a question of which sand iron. But with the H5 wedge at only 46 degreesI would have been left with too big a gap. So, for the first time in my life, I'll have 3 wedges instead of two. And you guessed it, the two additional wedges are the even more gorgeous S5's – 52 & 58 degrees respectively with XP115 shafts & pretty low bounce numbers.
After all that rambling I'll get to the punchline. Yes, both the S5 wedges are blue. A no brainer.
So Category 1 golf protected for a few more years, as long as I don't:-
read golf books, watch videos, over analyse, practice right, visit too many coaches or listen to friends with helpful advice.
P.S. I don't care if the blue wears off a bit. It'll be on the part of the club I can't see when I'm playing the shot anyway!!

noelsplectrum9 says:

I'm bagging these ASAP

Peter Chan says:

i don't change wedges much but broke my SW 2 months ago. been looking for a good wedge. where i live around we don't get demos much only titleist/pings…..and this blue wedge isn't released yet here.  but i'm sold! the blue looks awesome. will arrive here by next week. same spec as LD. 54/8 & 60/6 ! thanks mark for your little boost. hard to buy golf equipment without even seeing the real thing….i hope it's not that big….ha ha. great job miz!

Peter Meaney says:

Hi have recently bought 3 fitted blue S5's love the feel and stop I'm getting HOWEVER after just 3 rounds already the blue is wearing off the leading edges of the soles and you can see the satin finish below the staining, but you can't see that when it's behind the ball.

Richard Holland says:

Blue ordered, apparently there is a three week wait so must be popular

jaydee514 says:

Is the blue model available for lefty?

Ky Kicks says:

The blue color sold me. Plus it's mizuno!! Can't go wrong

Taylor Hawkes says:

So does anybody know if he likes the blue finish? He wasn't very clear

Toby Smith says:

Can you do an #agglive on wedges please? Would be great to hear your thoughts on lofts, grinds, bounce etc and what the average club player should be using

Matt Gardner says:

Hi Mark, any chance of reviewing some Benross clubs? Less "fashionable" as a brand than most but making some really solid, value for money gear, particularly the drivers and wedges.

Andrew Slater says:

#BlueMyWedge! Awesome looking club, great video

scedab says:

oooh, a bit too round like a big fat bagel stuffed with cream cheese, I prefer a squarer wedge like a lovely little egg mayo triangle

Matt Combs says:

If I wasn't so fickle about changing wedges I would get these in a heartbeat just cause of the color. But I've had the same Callaway x Jaws for years now and I can't part with them.

Glendon Parke says:

is it blue?

Jeremy Heslop says:

Love the finish. I'm sure it has been asked before but how are you getting the red tracer on shots?

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