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Mizuno ST 200G driver the best driver you will not buy. Mark Crossfield golf professional hits the Mizuno ST200G driver from Mizuno golf in todays golf review. What does the new ST 200G driver bring to the 2020 golf driver market and will it be one of 2020 best golf drivers. Mizuno golf have made drivers for years and with maybe not the biggest share of the driver market is it the performance that lets the Mizuno driver down or is it people's ideas of the Mizuno brand when it comes to the driver. Will the Mizuno ST200G driver be as long as anything other driver, will it sounds good and can Mark Crossfield keep it on the planet.

Let us know in the comments below if you have ever gamed a Mizuno Driver and if so which one, if not why not?

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Chuck Lucas says:

Have the St200 an I am very happy with it

George Mazuran says:

Wow you can talk , hit more less talk

Shamona World says:

Sick Driver! Just got mine in today! Hitting 300 yards!!

Chad Gregory says:

This entire video wreaks of sarcasm…. I'm waiting for the punchline…

Michel Robert says:

Is it me, or most of the shot are hits on the right. Ist the driver or the driver's driver ???

Stephen S says:

Never tried a Mizuno Driver. Game a 51, 56, and 60 Mizuno Wedges. Quite happy with my Ping driver but would consider a Mizuno if the price was right.

Darren Dunnett says:

Use the ST190.
I'm amazed at how it keeps the ball in play with me spraying it all over the face.
Not looking to upgrade anytime soon!

Gary Gross says:

Just purchased this driver. Very excited to get it in 2 wks. It was excellent at the driving range when I tried it out. I have a set of mizuno irons I play with that are great as well.

Shaun Foley says:

Why does he talk so much, just hit the feckin thing for gd sake

Mj says:

I’ve noticed on some mizuno models a groove in front of adjustable weights running toe to heel that appears to have a sliding weight, what is that?

Labi says:

In my town, the st200g was on sale shortly after release around may and i got mine for less than 300usd… perform the same if not better than most of the other ones that cost 400 to 500usd like the sim and mavrick… dont see why i shouldnt game it.

Rob Burn says:

Picked up the Mizuno CLK 2020 hybrid and let me tell you- it is the best hybrid I’ve ever hit. It’s butter even with off center hits. I’m starting to become part of the Mizuno family.

ybach64 says:

Never seen one sadly

TJ Meyer says:

Hi Mark, Do you have any experience with LEATHER GRIPS? While being a little pricey, they are pushed as fantastic grip and long term wear. Of course everything is great traction and long term wear. Thanks very much for your efforts. I love checking in. TJ Meyer

Gerry Uretsky says:

I'm gaming a ST190G Have had mixed results with it.

Marielle Schouteren says:

Went to buy a cobra speedzone this afternoon, I juist love the look, but decided to compare it against some other drivers. The Mizuno ST 200 felt so much better, and I hit it further and with much more confidence so I bought it.

Alex says:

Last driver had Mizuno (560). New driver I have is Mizuno (st180). Always have nice deals second hand and performs the same. Added bonus of nice colours / logo too!

Charlie Brownless says:

Mark I use the St200g driver and the st200x 3 wood along with my MP 54 irons I cannot fault either

Dean Markwell says:

No golf clubs or shops near me have em 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ could by online but would prefer to get fitted Shame looks the bollocks

rob white says:

its not as readily stocked as other big brands. do fancy testing it though looks stunning

yousaidwinglikeabirdswing says:

loved Mizuno drivers, had t zoid, tzoid t3, mp001, Bluefire, mx700, mp600 mp650 and the jpx850 so lots of them

Dave Prost says:

6/5/20, just had a club fitting, just for a driver, tested callaway, taylormade, ping, and mizuno…got the best results with the mizuno st 200g, my new club will arrive shortly. my worst hits with it, performed better than my best hits with my old one at the fitters. they use Foresight launch monitors. first time i've ever had a club fitting, been playing for 10 years. got fit at Golftec, $60 for the fitting, $400 for the driver which is the going price. the guy was quite patient with me, we stayed at it for 2 hours, trying this and that as we made our way to the best fit for my swing. i've hesitated to get fit, wasn't convinced i'd get my money's worth, read a lot of stories about guys getting fit and spending a lot of money and not benefitting from it. i'd give them a 4/5 rating and i encourage everyone to get fit for a club(s). i'm thinking of trying a different fitter for a 3wood, e.g., just to see how they do it. maybe find a reputable firm using Trackman instead of Foresight.

Andy Wheldon says:

Just had a driver fitting, went in wanting callaway, this club suited my numbers better, so now ordered. I’m now a believer in fitting.

81Justathought says:

I love my JPX 850 been looking for a new Mizuno driver I like how they feel, the lower spin, and the look of a smaller head even though its not really that much smaller. I may have to pick this one up.

Michael King says:

I have a 825 jpz and it is brilliant

Stephen Littlewood says:

I was looking to purchase a new Calloway Mavrik Max, but after watching a few videos on the Mizuno and considering its almost half the price of the Maverik, it's going to be the Mizuno!

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