Mizuno ST-Z and ST-X Drivers: The 3 year plan

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Mizuno's product lead Chris Voshall gives an insight to the development and performance differences of the new ST-Z and ST-X drivers. More info at mizunogolf.com


exhakt says:

I really love all your drivers but will you guys ever come out with a mizuno staff blue finish on a driver?

Tim Lofts says:

Hey, Mizuno Golf, can you tell me why it is that the NZ Distributor is refusing to stock the ST-Z and ST-X drivers? I'm a big fan (currently own JPX 921 forged irons and JPX 850 driver and 3-wood) so would like to give the new drivers a try-out. My usual fitter has told me they can't get hold of them from the distributor…

jtomecko says:

Have played the 190 and very pleased. The jpx hot metal irons also great. Just got fitted for the st x. Looking forward for the great results.

Wanko Storm says:

Loved the ST200x with the M-Fusion shaft. I’m not ready to give that up anytime soon.

Chris K says:

Purchased the ST Z about a month ago and it is EASILY the best most forgiving driver I have ever it. It’s absurd really. Driver has always been my weak spot and I was a typical 4-5 fairways hit guy. I’ve had rounds with 8, 9, and 10 with this thing, it’s crazy. I don’t mean to sound like a marketing brochure but it’s been transformative for me.

JZM says:

After doing research and seeing Chris on the various channels i.e. TXG….I have narrowed my search for a new driver down to two….where can I get a Mizuno Driver fitting outdoors in Georgia?

Daniel Delmore says:

These drivers look amazing. I was wondering are they manufactured in China or hopefully in Japan , America, or South Korea?

Stephen Scheibel says:

Just. WOW!!

Nova Scotian says:

Is this shaft available with ventus shafts? I am very interested in this driver if I can get the velecore tech with it.

John Kraus says:

So just one left handed option in 9.5 degrees. You would have sold more if you went with the 10.5 degrees. Mizuno has to be the worst for lefties.

Reid Thompson says:

Deep face, less forgiving is the draw biased one. Weird. But I have 190 and love. Will give both a run.

waldezign says:

These 2 drivers seem to be very good ones, but we want blue! (Gloss or mate)
One question: when will you remake the MP32’s? The most fabulous products from Miz actually desserve a revival!!!!

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