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I recently reviewed the new Mizuno ST-Z driver but unfortunately Mizuno sent me a 10.5 degree head instead of my normal gaming loft of 9.5 degree. So I managed to get hold of a 9.5 head so decided to put it up against the new TaylorMade SIM2 Driver in a comparison video.

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22 thoughts on “MIZUNO ST-Z DRIVER REVISITED + TaylorMade SIM2 Driver

  1. Hi Michael, I have Ping 425 Max, Rogue, Cobra SZ and the SIM Max D and SIM2, am a 12 handicapper ….. SIM 2 may be longest BUT! the SIM MAX D is so much easier to hit consistently and on fairway….. the others are so-so, meaning sometimes great and sometimes eeeeee!

  2. Great vid do you no if mizuno is bringing a driver out in 2022 I no they are bringing the irons out in March but I was not sure when they release the driver and 3wood thanks

  3. Got fitted for the mizuno yesterday. For me a 10.5 degree head turned down (and thus open Club face up) did the trick. Constant spin and 1.5 smash faktor. But i swing only 97mph, still nice Overall length of 248 meters.

  4. I’m playing Mizuno in every club except my putter. Using the ST-190 currently, but really thinking of moving over to the TM Sim2, Ping 425, or Titleist TSi2. More yardage and forgiveness would be welcomed to my game.

  5. Interesting that you were straighter with the SIM2 but less backspin with the Mizuno. SIM2 isn't supposed to be a high spinning head (although perhaps a bit more than the previous iteration) so it's a surprise the Mizuno spins it so much less with that cut. I wonder if it tends to fall from the sky for the draw player with the occasional hook.

  6. Hilarious. Our numbers are nearly identical (ball and club speed, angle, ballspeed, carry, roll out) and the Sim2 lagged. Ordered my custom ST-Z last week. Nothing else was as forgiving or as long.

  7. Shaft in both?

    Could be the reason for your CHS difference.

    Curious to see what loft is delivered on these shots. Mizuno has the best bang for your buck driver out it seems

  8. I know you get probably asked this as lot… But I'd love to see a random 5 or 6 year old driver tested alongside for reference. The average golfer is probably only thinking of a new driver after that sort of time has passed. Although the manufacturers may not want to see this…..

  9. Taylormade will be worth 75 dollars in a year and will go dead in 2 years. Also tons of cracking problems already with the college teams playing them. Total junk.

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