Mizuno ST180 Driver Review (NEW)

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NEW Mizuno ST180 Driver Review and Mizuno ST180 Fairway wood review

Mizuno ST180 Driver: 00:01
Mizuno ST180 Fairway Wood: 8:05

Alex Etches tests the latest Golf Driver and Fairway wood releases from Mizuno Golf. Which includes new innovations to help improve the overall driver performance of the ST180. Featuring an SP700 Titanium face, designed to improve ball speeds by creating a multi-thickness face.

A NEW internal waffle crown optimises the sweetspot to also help generate more ball speeds which are included in the ST-180 Driver and Fairway woods for 2018.

The Next-Gen Wave sole has been included in a driver for the first time having only been previously used in the Mizuno Fairway woods. This helps improve COR efficiency off of the clubface.

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Saul Carrera says:

Good review on the Mizuno clubs.. Al i stayed with you..??

Tommy Risker Golf says:

I stayed with you Alex! #waffle world

Shawn Sacks says:

how would you say this compares to the JPX 900? Looking at both.

jay rode says:

Al I stayed with you…Love the reviews…Thanks for the laugh.

William Russell says:

Did you put these in the bag yet?

cikarang5 says:

Well that was fun, nice to see a reviewer enjoying his job so much. Keep them coming

Martin Dawson says:

Next world long drive champion? I think so. Metres to Yards = silly result!

John Dunne says:

I want one of each, without the waffle.

Adam Denison says:

If he had glasses I would swear that he is Clark Kent. #330ydfairwayfinder

barney germany says:

you are the greatest??

Mike Cerniglia says:

Update: Hit this 2 days ago, wow. What a beast of a club this is, consistently out drove my epic by at least 20 yds, the tensei shaft is the real deal in this club, not sure if Mitsubishi updated it recently after they changed from Rayon to Chemical but this shaft feels so much more solid and stable than the Tensei I have in my fw wood, and that feel! Omg excellent!
With that being said, Alex, when will you review the GT180? I would love to see a comparison between the two! As always, great job and thanks for making me laugh!

Jp Bilderbeck says:

You are so full of crap

Jp Bilderbeck says:

Again with the Bullshit numbers

okolekahuna says:

“oh, behave”, haha…

Stuart Allam says:

Fantastic Alex.What a great ball striker you are. I like the colour nearly as much as I like the video. Keep it up mate.

Thomas Willberg says:

Ofc I watched it all! Golf needs that bit of humor??? Keep it up!

Mel Waller says:

Al I stayed with you

Rob C says:

Al, I stayed with you!!

William Russell says:

ST180 vs G400? Great review bud! Also I watched the whole thing.

matt purcell says:

Stayed with you, what shafts are standard or upgraded

Felix says:

290 yard fairway wood what in the fuck

Louis Pounds says:

I absolutely watched the whole thing, several times actually!! Well done Adam!!!

Eric L says:

I remember when Alex was getting 3 digit view counts, now you're in the 5 digits! I knew you'd take off Alex best wishes

George Pichl says:

Love the look of the new Mizuno’s! Great sound on impact too. I’ll be trying those out for sure! ?

4everswinger says:

If I swung my driver that hard I would spend a week in hospital. lol

Aussie Mike says:

I watched all of this 🙂

Cheesy Omlet Cooking House says:

Did you eat the waffle?

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