Mizuno ST190 Driver / Internal staff testing

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Mizuno’s European Tour Workshop team are as keen as anyone to test new equipment. We visited the Tour Performance Studio at Bearwood Lakes GC to talk over the team’s early experiences with the new ST190 driver (scheduled for Feb 2019) and hit a few balls. The Mizuno Tour Performance studio is open to the public from Feb 19. More at https://golf.mizunoeurope.com/custom-fit/tour-performance-studio/


24 carat Gold says:

Are you able to get the driver hot melted to dampen the sound?

Troy Paradiso says:

Looks great, great tech with the adjustable weighting… but man, it still sounds preposterous. I was hoping Mizuno would work on the acoustics and fix that ping-ey sound (no pun intended) from the 180. That sound… it’s just off putting and disturbing.

Richard Gatehouse says:

With the G180 being available at a great price, for I add a good performing driver. Is the new driver that much better

jtnunley100 says:

These look great! Can you tell us what the stock shaft offerings will be or is it too early? The first guy looked to be using a Tour-AD MJ. Could not tell what shaft the 2nd guy was using.

Paul Michaels says:

Not a fan of the cockroach shell look but I like the blue before…

Rick Gonzales says:

Hope they keep the blue.


Very solid piece of kit. So many driver improvements over the last few years from mizuno

Mark Dunn says:

It would be nice if you knew what type of shaft they are using and too see their Performance Numbers.

aemluck says:

This driver can do better with spin 🙂 /under 2000rpm/…negative attack angle….higher spin rate…less distance…low launch angle…lower flight ..less distance..DJ+Rory.. attack angle +3° to +5°. GREAT driver though. . I wish I could hit it 300:) like you, nice vid.

Nixon Gill says:

Interesting Vlog. Hard to hear everyone. Microphone issues?

robert brown says:

I'm with Paul S, hope it comes in LEFT HANDED

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

no sound at the beginning, no mic on the 2nd guy, rustling mics…
lots of rambling…

Paul Shirley says:

Hope it comes in lefthanded 😬😬

Bandit Baker says:

BOOM, at last a Sexy Mizuno Driver………YES!!!!!!!

Brent Colby says:

how can i become a mizuno tester? just started gaming the MP SC18 irons this year, love them.

SuperYoda7 says:

Spins too much…

Yann Canelada says:

Great video, really looking forward to see those in person!
Where can I buy the new snapback caps btw, can't find then in europe yet..

Alan Pllu says:

Mizuno when are you going to start selling the den caddies to the public, I really want one for my SIM room.

My OpenMind says:

What is the adjustability on the hosel? +2/-2?

Jonbek says:

Hope there's a own use deal for us club pros, first Mizuno driver I want to bag for a long time

at Golfwithmats says:

Question… Is the only way to buy a better performing driver nowadays by getting a better fit? COR limit etc…

There is only so much you CAN do to a head nowadays… And making the face "hotter" on off-center hits… May reduce the durability of the head if you're also making the head lighter to gain clubhead speed?

hazzer212000 says:

Cannot wait for a fitting

Anthony Jones says:

Love the blue but totally understand going away from it.

My OpenMind says:

Looks really tempting.

Would love to hear the opinion of Mizuno Golf fitter Jay Smith at @askgolfnut. He’s probably the fitter that I have the most respect for.

Any chance you could feature him (Jay) in one of your upcoming ST190 videos?

thomas mckechnie says:

hay guys blue is the colour

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