Mizuno ST190 Driver / Internal staff testing

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24 carat Gold says:

Are you able to get the driver hot melted to dampen the sound?

Troy Paradiso says:

Looks great, great tech with the adjustable weighting… but man, it still sounds preposterous. I was hoping Mizuno would work on the acoustics and fix that ping-ey sound (no pun intended) from the 180. That sound… it’s just off putting and disturbing.

Richard Gatehouse says:

With the G180 being available at a great price, for I add a good performing driver. Is the new driver that much better

jtnunley100 says:

These look great! Can you tell us what the stock shaft offerings will be or is it too early? The first guy looked to be using a Tour-AD MJ. Could not tell what shaft the 2nd guy was using.

Paul Michaels says:

Not a fan of the cockroach shell look but I like the blue before…

Rick Gonzales says:

Hope they keep the blue.


Very solid piece of kit. So many driver improvements over the last few years from mizuno

Mark Dunn says:

It would be nice if you knew what type of shaft they are using and too see their Performance Numbers.

aemluck says:

This driver can do better with spin 🙂 /under 2000rpm/…negative attack angle….higher spin rate…less distance…low launch angle…lower flight ..less distance..DJ+Rory.. attack angle +3° to +5°. GREAT driver though. . I wish I could hit it 300:) like you, nice vid.

Nixon Gill says:

Interesting Vlog. Hard to hear everyone. Microphone issues?

robert brown says:

I'm with Paul S, hope it comes in LEFT HANDED

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

no sound at the beginning, no mic on the 2nd guy, rustling mics…
lots of rambling…

Paul Shirley says:

Hope it comes in lefthanded ??

Bandit Baker says:

BOOM, at last a Sexy Mizuno Driver………YES!!!!!!!

Brent Colby says:

how can i become a mizuno tester? just started gaming the MP SC18 irons this year, love them.

SuperYoda7 says:

Spins too much…

Yann Canelada says:

Great video, really looking forward to see those in person!
Where can I buy the new snapback caps btw, can't find then in europe yet..

Alan Pllu says:

Mizuno when are you going to start selling the den caddies to the public, I really want one for my SIM room.

My OpenMind says:

What is the adjustability on the hosel? +2/-2?

Jonbek says:

Hope there's a own use deal for us club pros, first Mizuno driver I want to bag for a long time

at Golfwithmats says:

Question… Is the only way to buy a better performing driver nowadays by getting a better fit? COR limit etc…

There is only so much you CAN do to a head nowadays… And making the face "hotter" on off-center hits… May reduce the durability of the head if you're also making the head lighter to gain clubhead speed?

hazzer212000 says:

Cannot wait for a fitting

Anthony Jones says:

Love the blue but totally understand going away from it.

My OpenMind says:

Looks really tempting.

Would love to hear the opinion of Mizuno Golf fitter Jay Smith at @askgolfnut. He’s probably the fitter that I have the most respect for.

Any chance you could feature him (Jay) in one of your upcoming ST190 videos?

thomas mckechnie says:

hay guys blue is the colour

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