Mizuno ST190 Driver Review

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My review of the new Mizuno Golf ST190 Driver testing it and seeing what it's performance is like backed up with launch monitor data plus my personal take on the looks and feel.

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Nice review Mike , please do a compare video between the ST190 & cobra S9 driver ?

James Harrison says:

For me that's the best looking driver for 2019. Loving that the performance is matching its looks.

Greg Jones says:

Can you do ahead to head with Cobra F9 driver with all new drivers ping, mizuno, etc

Ja Mo says:

Irony would be Mizuno driver in bag with non Mizuno irons

Ravenwood Farm says:

Would love to see a comparison between this Mizuno ST190 and the Cobra F9 Speedback.

Nic Mansfield says:

What a great looking driver.

Doogle Vox says:

Definitely worth waiting a year for and getting it half price! Mizuno products very underrated. Love my MP5's. Great review. ?

ripyerballs says:

Great looking Driver

Mike Farrell says:

Apart from the new Cora this is the only driver I'd be interested in trying, good review Mike

Maurice Whalley says:

Glad to see performance of the driver with the weights moved.

Charles Rohl says:

Definitely serious about getting fit for the Mizuno JPX 919 919 forged irons !

Charles Rohl says:

Great review Michael !?

안지환 says:

it's time to change x2 hot …

Jonbek says:

Can you compare to Cobra f9 please Mike

spot mfd says:

I have been waiting for this review. Can't wait to test one.

Matthew Begbie says:

Great review! I need a new driver this year and Mizuno is definitely in the mix.

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