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Mizuno STx & STz driver reviews | why is this cheaper than other major drivers. Mark Crossfield reviews the new Mizuno drivers in his latest golf club reviews. The new Mizuno STx driver and the Mizuno STz driver. Mizuno golf clubs are renowned for their gorgeous irons but will Mizuno's new golf drivers for 2021 hit the heights of their irons and be in with a chance of being the best driver of 2021. Who will be testing the new Mizuno drivers? Let us know in the comments section below and will they be going in the bag with your new golf clubs 2021 style. How to know what driver to buy can be a tough task to work out. If price is one of your buying criteria's, Mizuno STx STz drivers have to be on your test list. Enjoy the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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Alan Jones says:

Just ordered the x after a demo day.

Robert Bachman says:

I play the ST200 now, but considering the ST-Z. But is the difference enough to switch?

john says:

Been playing the ST-180 for many years … noisy but gets the ball out there around 300yard .. certainly does the job well that TM-PING drivers I had of similar age

Golfer says:

I got one on order was $200 cheaper than anything else.

Ted Blackwell says:

I have never tried the Mizuno driver, I have a Callaway now and before that I hadTaylormade and Cobra. I am now looking for a new driver and will test the Mizuno. I did get Mizuno irons last year and have been very happy with those.

Boosk21 says:

Been debating on one of these to get and try out against my Rogue drivers…..also looking forward to the new rogue models to be released hopefully soon as well, and might pick those up as well. You can never have enough drivers. Let's face it….hitting the big dog is fun!

ShiversBasketball says:

Great video Mark! Both drivers look great!

briarmeadow says:

I inherited an ST200 standard, 9.5*, from my son when he decided to have a change. This is my first Mizuno driver / FW. A great swing weight, feel, look and sound. The black is great. Preferred over the blue for me. I wouldn't have bought this driver if I'd gone out looking, however, after playing it, I don't see any reason to replace it. Excellent performance.

Michael Fox says:

400 bucks, great price and easy to hit. Love mine

Drew Beausoleil says:

I've tested a few drivers this past motlnth and it's been one of my favorites. It will probably be the one I put in the bag because it's more affordable than the titleist and it hit basically the same for me. While also giving me a bit more off the tee

Col Blaydon says:

I am looking forward to testing the STX

martin berry says:

Mizuno have produced great irons, fairways then struggled with the drivers but I think now they have narrowed that gap. Fitting is imperative for club, loft and shaft. These new drivers look comparable and worth a look.

Kym Stock says:

One reason more me is that in OZ Mizuno are as expensive, or more so , than the big 4. Then again, the Tour Edge C721 & Cobra Drivers are in the same high price bracket here too. I can buy two Cleveland HB Turbos for the same price as a Mizuno or Ping Driver.

Edward Hutchinson says:

Have never played one, but I am looking for a new driver!

Josh G says:

I have the Mizuno MX-500 (circa 2005) and paired it with a Matrix Ozik Xcon7 X-Stiff. Over the years I've taken it in to see if any new fancy driver can knock it out of my bag and none could. Sadly, my son broke the shaft last week and now I'm worried I will never again find this combo that worked so well for me for years and years (hitting ~310-315yds)

BJ L says:

Bought the ST-X Today. Love the feel and look!

Mrbigolnuts says:

All my irons are Mizuno, I never tested Mizuno drivers because they had all these adjustments which I don't want

Alun Jones says:

Tried the STZ on the range and in a round and did find it leaked slightly right but loved the feel and distance. Trying the STX tomorrow and then will choose between the 2 of them – definitely will be a Mizuno driver for me.

Christopher M. says:

These won TXG’s tournament. I have the ST200 and I’m finding a lot more fairways. Shorter in distance compared to my TM M2. But who cares when you’re in the FW

ybach64 says:

Hard to find one to test

Peter Lips says:

I’ll try it!

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