Mizuno Swing DNA convinces Eddie Pepperell to switch iron shafts before British Masters win

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Phil McIver says:

I’ve always wondered. Why does the shaft optimiser have the smallest bladed 6 iron head on it and not something more cavity back?

James Robinson Golf says:

Fantastic Video! ⛳️??

S p e e e d y says:

Marcus definitely doesn't cast looking at that slowmo! But good piece of tech anyway, had my jpx 900s fit early this year with C taper lite XS. Good stuff.

MizunoIronMan says:

We all need an ‘Alex’ ! Must be a nice feeling #buildaway

Jon-Michael Sherman says:

Where can I get fit with this technology in Minnesota?

Woden of the Angles says:

Finding the right shaft is more important than the head. Oooppps, the industry won't tell you that….

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

I'd say it worked. Swing DNA is a game changer. I used it for my own fitting and never looked back.

Neil Cameron says:

what shafts did Marcus try.his swing speed lower and many ams would be similar

Rob Potter Golf says:

Brilliant vlog and a great release after Eddie winning the British Masters.

Sabah Al-Sabah says:

What loft Iron where they using?

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