Moe Norman – 1997 Golf video Clinic (Part 1 of 6) online golf instruction

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See “the world's greatest ball striker” Moe Norman in a 1997 clinic which I filmed in Orlando Florida. This was the first time I was lucky enough to see Moe. Nobody ever hit a golf ball as straight as Moe, which is why he is still a legend of the game.

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Ira Shoff says:

In my opinion when Moe mentioned “feeling of greatness” it was his way of
expresssing his confidence. He had to have a lot of confidence built up
knowing every shot he took was going to be a good one.

flipspiceland64 says:

He chokes all his clubs but that is never mentioned in reviews of his swing.

Surely this plays a big part in his swing?

9tube1 says:

Thank you Kirk. I would enjoy that book very much and will go to Amazon

9tube1 says:

I second that comment. I’ve enjoyed all of your videos on Moe. He was such
a fascinating enigma. Such a talent doesn’t come around very often and with
the exception of Bobby Jones inviting him to two Master’s tournaments and
Titleist paying him $5,000 a month at the end of his life when he was
broke, the game was pretty cruel to him. Interesting that the tour never
reached out to Moe.

jaekwang choi says:

thank you for your sharing a priceless film. i’m really enjoying your films.

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