Moe Norman Golf Demonstration Video 2002 – Part 3 – See the Legend

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joe-hoarybat says:

I was formerly breaking the majority of tees with a chopping "at the ball" rather than through it. I've only had two 9 hole rounds in the league and a little practice but am faring much better with tee shots and fairway woods already. The guys in the league think I'm nuts as I have the club handle/hands further away from the body like Moe. Next goal is the irons with this swing which will be a harder transition as typically it is more of a descending blow and Moe sweeps his irons nicely too! Thanks Kirk

Steve Lambo says:

great ball striker but couldn't win on pga tour love his quirks great guy shame he couldn't handle the pga

Kareem Osman says:

Mr norman is one of few people I regret not meeting . I wish he is in a better place now.

David Erber says:

I reason I respect Moe Norman so much was he was the only golfer in golf history since the game of golf was invented that UNDERSTOOD the game of golf. He was the only golfer in history that knew the secret of HOW to hit it straight every time. And it's just the opposite of how the mainstream golf industry has been teaching golf since the beginning of the industry. From the beginning, golf teachers and golf instructors from the grip to the follow through have been teaching "ROTATION". All of their emphasis is on ROTATION. But, Moe Norman KNEW THE SECRET to hitting it straight everytime and the secret he knew was golf is a game of NO ROTATION. Now, he didn't say the words "NO ROTATION" outright, but he said it in a different way, he used the word "PENDULUM". And Pendelum is NO ROTATION, just a STRAIGHT LINE. STRAIGHT BACK AND STRAIGHT THROUGH. Moe knew this that's WHY he said, "What's the closest thing to a PERFECT SWING?" And he answered "PENDELUM" and showed the club swinging back and through in a straight line. Why did he say that was the PERFECT SWING or in otherwords, EVERY SHOT WILL GO STRAIGHT IF YOU DO THIS, the reason for this is THE GOLF BALL NEVER LEAVES THE CENTER OF THE CLUBFACE+THE CLUBFACE ALWAYS STAYS SQUARE ALL THE WAY TO THE FINISH. People misinterpreted, misunderstood and still don't understand the genius of Moe Norman. The genius was in HIS GRIP and in HIS SETUP. His grip was a NON ROTATIONAL GRIP! And his setup guaranteed that his shoulders, hands, club, and ball WOULD ALWAYS BE AIMED AND GOING AT THE TARGET. Now, here was the other genius in Moe Normans setup position, but having his CLUB BACK AND HEAD BACK a few inches, what did that do to his golf ball? –that made his golf ball AN ACCELERATING POINT in his golf swing, that's why Moe Norman kept repeating, "The other thing i do so well is I swing THROUGH the golf ball, not AT the golf ball. Talk about an absolute genius. Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and every other golfer made it harder because they had to TURN THEIR HEAD BACK to make the golf ball AN ACCELERATING POINT in the golf swing. But, Moe SIMPLIFIED it by simply keeping his club back SO HIS HEAD WOULD LOOK STRAIGHT DOWN instead of how those others i just mentioned HAD TO TURN THEIR HEAD BACK and keep their center of gravity back so the club would bottom out and then the golf ball would be impacted WITH SPEED or as an ACCELERATING POINT. The reason amateur golfers struggle so much is because the golf ball is not an accelerating point in their swing, the golf ball is where they bottom out at, that's why they swing AT the ball instead of THROUGH THE BALL like Norman, Knudson, Hogan, Jones, Snead, Nelson, Nicklaus, etc. Just thought i would share, hope this can help some people with their games, God bless you all and peace 🙂 And great job Kirk Junge, i appreciate all your instruction.

Alec W says:

Its like the video is censored so we can't see his swing. Why does the camera keep zooming right before his swing!?

Glenn Nass says:

This group of people didn't know how lucky they were to see this guy.Now I understand more about the theory behind his swing it is clear more people would enjoy the game so much more by seeing what works in their own game.Great to see videos of such clean hitting-Moe was a champion

Krazy Uncle says:

2:44 Peter Kessler of the Golf Channel.

Ryan Silver says:

swinging hard? "Heyllll noooo"

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