Moe Norman Private Golf Ballstriking Exhibition 2001 Orlando – Best Moe Video!

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I filmed Moe at this exhibition for instructors of Natural Golf back in 2001.

Based on my more than 20+ years experience in learning from Moe, studying his swing, and teaching it I personally do not believe it to be a good idea to exactly copy Moe's golf swing. My Setup 4 Impact golf swing has a number of similarities to Moe's swing, but also many differences which enable individuals to customize their own golf swings to get the fastest improvement possible. For a comparison of the two please see
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kim joseph says:

He is the best golfer ever! There are so many rubbish teachers out there.

LocoScrapper says:

That was perfect, Moe

It was wonderful. Oooaaa. Oh yes…. Ooooaaa…. watch this…..

JR says:

Doesn't anyone here know how to focus a camera? You got Moe Norman and you STILL manage to screw it up. Hosers!

D Martins says:

it's funny he claims that he uses no hands or wrists, yet he releases his wrist at the bottom more than most. it's his feeling not what he's actually doing.

enlightened says:

i just hit a shot but didnt get a feeling of greatness

Douglas McCann says:

I saw Moe in his 40's… he hit the smallest draw I ever saw and it never varied. He could hit a bigger draw, but would not even try a fade. Would shoot in the 60's on a 7000 yard course most of the time and drove the ball 250+. Not a bad putter and could hit the little shots when needed. Had the coolest blob of metal as his sand wedge

Lobby Lobby says:

3:40 was knobbed

cndvd says:

I wonder what his club distances are. Not saying it's not good, I'm sure it's good, he must be hitting it great, with all that people watching.

cndvd says:

If you watch most pros hit at the range….they hit every ball straight too….on a wire too.

Michael Kennedy says:

hes got tonal belief.

Jordan Cox says:

Moe's achievements speak for themselves, but there are a LOT of contradictions and hype around the myth and it's frustrating for me.

1: This and another one from 70 yards are about the only videos showing some "down the line" shots… Why, when this is supposed to be the "best ball striker" are there not more shots of this and specifically shown aiming at a target… ESPECIALLY for a guy who made his living giving these clinics to demonstrate how much better he was…

2: I have many teaching professional friends – give them a 50 – 70% swing and they will hit 99% of their shots dead straight. Heck, I can hit 10 in a row without thinking 70 yards with a pitching wedge into a landing area of 9m2… (giving perception of dead straight shot and same achievement as his 70 yard video) Of course, every double digit handicapper is amazed, but they all come watching when the pro is doing it at the local club too…

3: He contradicts himself MASSIVELY in this video which most people have not even picked up on… All those years of clinics with his completely different swing with the "master move" – he had the feeling of greatness… the best ballstriker… the only one with it… He is in this video directly criticizing it saying it has problems and now his new swing is the "balls" and he's still "the best ever"…

4: Again, this video as evidence shows that not every ball is dead straight – they are actually going all over the place – pulls / pushes / draw and fade (not massively, but not dead straight!) – even hitting the ball fat a couple of times!!! He is just saying that they are dead straight and perfect and of course, the higher handicappers love it and you can tell from the reaction that they feel like they "have to agree"… Believe me, if you watched a person hitting balls DEAD STRAIGHT to a single target over and over again, the audience would be going INSANE!!!

5: "The elephant in the room" – Moe obviously has a form of autism, I am very familiar with the spectrum, having a few close family members on it. Let's be completely open and honest, we treat them differently. If Joe Blogs was doing this, regardless of their success, people would quickly be – that guy's a proper d-bag… and say it like it is. However, of course when you realise the person is not fully aware of how he fits in socially, of course we are not going to destroy that perception. It obviously brings them pleasure and who are we to tell it different, so we let things slip that we wouldn't be so forgiving for on others!

Don't get me wrong – Moe was an INCREDIBLE golfer! He was accurate, he scored well, he had fun, he won tournaments and did it in his own way! Why can't we celebrate this instead of this never ending quest for the search for deeper meaning of literally nothing or for personal fame or riches (the "one guy" who Moe told his swing too) – except of course, Moe had later completely changed his mind and swing so yeah, what he's teaching, we'll never know…

King Ward says:

I believe that his success was due to having gotten beyond the need for self-analysis. He swung without thinking. Having settled on his method, he never had to think about it anymore.

just sunny says:

Imagine Moe was around this time at the same age and had his own Youtube channel and was testing equipment on flight scope!!! . Can you imagine the views and manufacturers either begging or scared to give him their equipment?. You know one thing for sure you wont be getting dud or variable hits like the other testers. And he sure will be telling everyone which equipment was good or bad no bs!

Polsen2013 says:

"oooh shit" – Moe Norman, lol this guys a legend though. #RESPECT He was a trailblazer, and will never be forgotten. Thx for a solid blueprint m8

Randy Wright says:

Moe could hit the ball pure that's for sure, but he wasn't a good judge of distance. I heard him say 310 on one shot and 400 on another then he said he couldn't see the ball. LOL

John Hofmann says:

240-250 max off the tee…but dead straight.

No Here Kruger says:

At this age did he ever play actual golf or did he just hit balls all day?

Benjamin Jones says:

like golfing with Tigger, hoohoo

Bernard Grossman says:

a question to you mr junge did moe norman ever wear a glove?

Cale Gray says:

"watch this!"

MrRp25 says:

Moe was a lot of things, but humble wasn't one of em.

Mike Murphy says:

Give moe one ball to hit and then tell him there's no more lol

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