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In this video I discus Moe Norman's Master Move that is eerily similar to the transition that Ben Hogan famously demonstrated in his most popular lesson.

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Scott Johnson says:

The question is how do you square the face from there as it’s way open??

Steve Brady says:

Is that Brookside?

Top of the world says:

Unfortunately for tall golfers, doing what Norman, Trevino, Hogan, etc is irrelevant. A lot of what they preach is much easier and more suited to shorter golfers. Remember, not many golfers at my height of 6"7 were considered great. There isnt a lot of great knowledge and info for the taller than average golfer……..

Ham Anuphap says:

In order to achieve this elbow drive you must have a strong enough grip otherwise the club face will way open? enjoy+ Tip you have to release at the target not at a ball. Kaboom ?

Brad Burton says:

Mr Hogan had a better understanding of swing science than Moe but they both git their swings from the temple of knowledge. Both swings only differ by degree. On tour when they played 36 holes on the Friday Moe would say that both Mr Hogan and he played their pm rounds from their am divots. What is above is below is a law that can deceive the player in what is actually happening in the swing.

chubby chequer says:

Great video that's definitely the magic move

Patrick McGee says:

Well I'm 50 and played golf again for the first time in 7 months, cause I give up on it.had been playing for about 11 yrs got a little better but never consistent, love golf but if you don't have the time to practice are play a good game of skins are just Play well it just sucks lol gonna try this swings you do some what if it doesn't work for me this time I'll truly throw in the towel…

Darryl Mack says:

I agree with some of the comments, I think they're describing a feel, not what they're actually doing, which is still valuable. Moe was known as the straightest ever. I'd like to hear if anyone has thoughts on the one-plane swing and if you give up distance for accuracy. FYI, the story is Moe got pushed out of the tour in a very undignified manner and was treated poorly because he was "different"(asperger's syndrome?).

Donham Real Estate says:

The next time you're on the practice range CAN you demonstrate Moe's Master Move? Not the Hogan Move, but Moe's. Merry Christmas!

knightowl50 says:

Moe Norman was never actually doing what he said he was doing. Just saying. Also, that video that we see over and over again with Hogan is a little bit deceptive. His right elbow does get lower, but really everyone's does.

Getting the club caught behind you is not what they are doing and if they did that, we would not have heard of them. The trick for them (whether they knew they were doing this or not) was that they redirected the MOMENTUM of the club head out in front of them and NOT caught behind them. Or else they would have been very inconsistent.

Their consistent flight of the ball was all about them NOT getting the club behind them. Ben Hogan really does lay off, however as he does tuck that right elbow, that club his is really redirected in front. Watch them closely. Not when they are doing their little demonstration with what they THINK THEY ARE DOING, but when they are actually making swings.

Matthias Eisterer says:

I think that many do not understand that both of them are not actually doing what they show in slowmo or what the think they do.

Aldwin De Guia says:

Please research on count yogi….he was said to have taught ben hogan and the only golfer that muhammad ali recognized as the greatest of all time

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