Most Broken Rules In Golf

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► In this Rules of Golf video, Golf Monthly's Jeremy Ellwood talks you through how to avoid breaking the most broken rules in golf

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Danny Koriath says:

perfect rules for making a round of golf take ten times longer then it should.. just kick it back into a playable spot and keep moving. non of you are that good anyways.

M Rodgers says:

There are a lot of stupid rules in golf that should be changed. The requirement on the tour that you sign a correct scorecard at the end of the round is probably the worst and most outdated rule in all of sports – literally every shot you take is being recorded on camera and there is no possible way to cheat. Also, you should get free relief in fairways from divots.

Moe K says:

how badly do u not want him at a dinner party

Leo Connor says:

If the ball is unplayable what's the penalty

Josey Wales says:

pick it up for 12 move on

Word Master says:

He's not even accurate. Says at 2:19 that when he drops it, it can roll two club lengths outside his furthest point. Not true, it's two club lengths more from the point it hits the ground on the drop.

Wisconsin Golf says:

It's good to know these for tournament play if you break one of these in a tournament penalty or disqualified

Wisconsin Golf says:

This is good in tournaments

Vince McMahon says:

I played with a guy like this once, had to get rid of him before I threw him in a lake

wegarnett says:

once I quit keeping score, I had a lot more fun


We say……."I'll take an I.R.A" everyone knows it's a provisional….??

Stephen Older says:

Golf's a very unforgiving game, and it wouldn't be enjoyable at all for most people if they played strictly to the official rules.  It would become nothing short than a masochistic past time. That said, everyone plays their own game. The only time I care how others play is if we're being slow or if they start trying to be competitive with me.

GWHAWK87 says:

How did those two drops go nearer to the hole?

WCGwkf says:

if I know it's gone off I hit another and if I can't find it with a quick look I play the 2nd ball with that extra stroke. if I'm on a shit artificial spot I drop it no closer. it may not be the immediate but on a weekend of golf with friends it doesn't matter

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