Mottram Hall Golf Club Part 1

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Mottram Hall Golf Club Part 1
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre takes on Peter Finch around Mottram Hall golf course. Watch they play 9 holes which was filmed on Monday 2nd June 2014. Watch how they navigate this fanatic golf course playing strokeplay

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Titleistfan1 says:

Wonder what’s your reason for cheating on hole 10 you were playing a
Taylormade 5 as the GoPro could see on the green and then on hole 12 when
you hit it in the long grass it was a Taylormade 33???

DaanGolfing says:

19:24 you walked straight past that ball

Joe Chen says:

Nice video Rick, you and Peter are the best pairs

oojjac says:

Quality match, little bit of banter as well #loveit

Ian Roberts says:

really enjoyable vids guys. loving the banter. ever thought of including
any of your subscriber viewers in a course challenge. !!! :}

scedab says:

great stuff, something to watch in my lunch break -) keep up the good work

Thumper15 says:

Another Great video guys!!! Thanks! Really enjoy seeing the beautiful
tree lined courses in the UK…very similar to the courses here in Central

Carl Moore says:

Awesome vid guys, I played there last year, enjoyed playin that particular
course. Played Shrigley Hall too.

Sam Hough says:

Great video! You should play mark crossfield!!

Jason Ockerby says:

These are excellent videos guys, well done. The way you talk through your
pre-shot thoughts is very helpful for a hacker like me.

dante gonzalez says:

Hybrid guys??

Merchen Naidoo says:

Love the videos chaps. I’m from South Africa and the videos provide
excellent insight into the beautiful courses in the UK. Can’t wait to visit
and play some off them.

Jonny Mac says:

I love the GoPro effect on the putting. Nice video.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Mottram Hall Golf Club Part 1
Watch Rick & Pete play 9 Holes Strokeplay 

Max Cashmore says:

I played motram hall great course 

H. Acera says:

Really enjoy listening in to good player’s thoughts, clubs and strategy,
and gamesmanship. It’s like the golfer’s travel channel and lets us
experience some beautiful UK courses from a players point of view. Would
like a tiny bit of time (1 minute) of the clubhouse and grounds to get a
feel of the club. Thanks from California !!

06aikens says:

Like the videos, but need to make more of a concious effort to keep the
camera still. Like not moving about so much and just staying focused on one

jkimdub says:

How come these course challenge vids are not on Mr Petes channel as well? 

Ben Anderson says:

That looks like the stock Titleist shaft

Barry Brown says:

Good video 

James Howarth says:

Loved Petes comment about getting a boner! I often get sexually aroused
when I hit a cracking golf shot ha ha

Barry Brown says:

Love the video you should do some kind of comp and the 2 winners play with
you in a you tube video let the views see you and a everyday handy cap
golfer play together just for a laugh would make a good video ⛳️⛳️

333ingee says:

hi what camera are you using to film this ?

heshmaster says:

Quality stuff guys! Needs more birdies!

Kanifuker says:

Lovely looking Golf Course. Great vlog again and some useful tips, never
to old to take a tip from anybody. Thanks.

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