Mottram Hall Golf Club Part 4

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Mottram Hall Golf Club Part 4
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre takes on Peter Finch around Mottram Hall golf course. Watch they play 9 holes which was filmed on Monday 2nd June 2014. Watch how they navigate this fanatic golf course playing strokeplay

21 thoughts on “Mottram Hall Golf Club Part 4

  1. Really enjoyed the match and humourous sparing. A couple of questions: Rick
    you have demonstrated in head to head comparisons that the X2 hot is a long
    distance club. Why isn’t it in your bag? I do see why you like the Mini, as
    evidenced by your use of it on the 18th hole in the match. 2nd-ly, great
    film editing. It makes me want to film my bud and I when we play. What
    software do you use to create your presentations? Thanks Rick and Peter. 

  2. Great vlog….. I’m actually playing this golf club the Wednesday before
    the open…. Traveling up from Brighton to play it… If you and mr finch
    fancy a four ball betterball challenge we will take you on

  3. @ Migel – Norren Valadez I’ve also seen the comparison between the two
    clubs but I’m sure that Rick mentioned that the Deep X2 Hots aren’t quite
    as forgiving on slightly off centre shots as the SLDR Mini. True the X2 Hot
    Deep is longer but length isn’t always the be all and end all. Pus the
    SLDR seems to work for him better.

  4. Great match guys, well done Pete. Love the look of these holes especially
    that 17th, i’ll be sure to check out Pete’s channel soon. Thanks for
    sharing Rick 10/10.

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