MY 1st GOLF LESSON! #QuestForTheOpen

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MY 1ST GOLF LESSON! #QuestForTheOpen
Rick Shiels continues his quest for the Open with the help of Dan Whittaker to help him improve his golf game. Dan is based at High Legh in Cheshire and is very good at what he does.



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John Strein says:

23:38 Right Arm sling clipped to shirt…any links to this training aide ? Keep it up Rick ! Awesome work Dan!

Russ Littler says:

I once casually asked my local pro, "Nick, why am I pulling my shots straight left?" His reply was: "cause you won't pay me for a f*****g lesson". 'nuff said I think.

Wisconsin Golf Boy says:

Dan what is a quick drill to go from a past parallel swing to a compact swing?

Gilberto Ayala says:

Bubba Watson and Lee Trevino didn't and don't have golf coaches

Michael John Field says:

Great video with really interesting technology being used. Dan does great instruction anyway so it was great to see him using these tools. Can you imagine how difficult teaching was for professionals in the 1950's with a still camera if you were lucky? Rick also had some really good moves in his swing anyway – regardless of the improvement. No wonder golf is such a difficult game when the margins for the swing are so small for even talented players.

Brian Stehno says:

I know I may be a little late to the party watching these vids but you did a great job of explaining the complexity of the swing and how the 3D helped. It doesn't seem as intimidating to see a coach on my own swing. Keep it up I love the channel.

Will R says:

Rick, you mentioned almost in passing that other professionals weren't as kind about your videos. Speaking for the golf-loving masses, we adore your videos and watching your progress. Both you and Peter provide simple advice that we can take to our own amateur games, all in the context of practicing towards the next tournament.

Please keep doing what you're doing, and tell any naysayers to go soak their heads in a bucket. Cheers.

Austin Steed says:

Rick, you're the man.


well well well. Me and my homies have been telling Rick about that open club face for the last 2 years. Better late than never hey.

John Lawlor says:

I'd love a lesson like this.. I've to much sway, bowed wrist, over the top, dragging the ball left.. pity there is nobody in Ireland that goes into this kind of detail 🙁

Ben Feely says:

Dan Whittaker is a great coach who works well with a player. He really helped me when I was younger gave a lot of his time to helping me and a group of my golfing pals! Had the pleasure of playing with him and his old man (a really good golfer too) all the best Dan and Rick !!

Eli Bell says:

i loved this, great looking swing Rick !! i have the same issue with my trail elbow getting high and off my body. i need to find that training aid

Monty Flint says:

that that tag line protected. its speaks truth about one of life's joys that is a consistent source of anguish for so many, myself included.

maxxsee says:

Surprisingly inisghtsable.

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Check out lesson number 2 here!

ReaverWall says:

Not so much regarding the lesson itself, but the mic, the blue yeti has its condensators infront and on the back so the mic should be facing you rather than pointing towards you. Just a heads up :)! Otherwise great video!

My Golf School On Line says:

Great job Rick and Dan, nice to see how your investing in yourself and sharing with people who want to improve as well

Matt Kurtzhals says:

Dan or Rick, I have struggled with the breakdown of the left knee and swaying towards to the target for a long time. What kind of drills or feelings do you do the fix this. Willing to pay!!

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