My craziest week in golf!!

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Quest for the Open – Episode 11 Season Four – In this video we get the Golf Bidder Challenge in the bag before embarking on a crazy week! Filming with Danny Maude, Seb on Golf, before going on Sky Sports!

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89Sod says:

Molinari is my bet for the masters

Jacob Plunkett says:

When are you doing you next match with viewers so I know when to spam your dms ??

matt dipadua says:

That would be amazing but only if I won lop

Jack FULLER says:

Please could you go to the Rossendale golf club I used to own it so I would really appreciate it if you could. And please make a video on it if you do.

Casper Smit says:

I just saw something sad in this video Pete. I am ofcourse talking about the demise of Mr Fox as the driver headcover. I expected that one to survive the club deal

Brian Treadwell says:

What does a good comp prep schedule look like?

Jeff Peterson says:

Sweet Adidas!

Jack Bebbington says:

I think either mcilroy or koepka

Ian Barnes says:

Great to see you and Rick together again and to see you team up with Danny at Canterbury. Will be playing there later in the year

Nate Moore says:

This is Rory’s year @peterfinch

Patrick Buckley says:

Kucher! Really a heart pick =)

charly yoo says:

Dynamic Duo together again.

Ashton Thomas says:



Phil Pancrazio says:

Great to see you together again.

Macca_ says:

5:20 What we discussing here fellas?…..??

Ritchie Mclean says:

I have been waiting so long for this. The 2 of you back on the course

Quick The God says:

Shoutout to the Jordan Spieth NLU Podcast at 7:16

Leigh D says:

We need Tommy Fleetwood to win the Masters. He is a great up and down player with a long drive!!

Jonathan Berry says:

Miss you two on the course so much !

Dylan Jenkins-K Golf says:

dustin johnson

Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs says:
The duchess. What a course.
Dukes is the only course I haven't played yet so need to have a trip back there again. Such a great facility at woburn

Lorenzo Alston says:

don't push yourself Pete!

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