My First Golf Lesson

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In this video, I walk you through my first golf lesson at Joe Caruso Golf Academy and two top tips that helped change my swing instantly. I have decided to finally bite the bullet and take Golf lessons for the good of the information provided on this channel and for the good of my own personal golf game. I hope to improve throughout this process and bring you along for the ride to hopefully pass on some of the tips I learn along the way for anyone else that this information may help. I am excited to take this journey with you and be able to provide more consistent swings and data as a result of a hopefully improved golf game as a result.

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Thomas Morelock says:

Good for you! I started taking some lessons last year, after 30 years of self taught bad golf. It takes a lot of effort and repetition to break those old habits. Keep at it.

Chris Reeder says:

Great video Roland – keep them coming!

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