My Golf Lesson With Chris Ryan Golf!

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My Golf Lesson With Chris Ryan Golf! Chris Ryan is one of the best Golf Coaches in the country and has over 100,000 YouTube subscribers on his channel. I’m going for a lesson to see if I can make my game better. Even as a Pro I think it’s important to be working on your game and trying to improve your golf. Even if I have no handicap to drop! If you haven’t already make sure you go check out Chris’ awesome content
Twitter – @chrisryangolf
Instagram – chrisryangolf

Thanks for watching guys! Let’s do it! And let’s do it now!

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Mark Derby says:

Great lesson there James, your swing looks so different already, keep up the good work!

Ant D says:

James, thanks for letting us see your lesson. I noticed in the Titleist ball fitting that the toe of your 7 iron (@10 mins) was a little high which would possibly be due to your original low hand position? Will you be making any changes to the club lie?

Dawson McNew says:

I enjoy your videos but have often thought your swing was unconventional. It is reassuring to see that Chris identified the areas of your swing that bothered me. It tells me that I too am on the right track although limited by my body which has an unavoidable amount of miles on it. I am concluding from more than one resource that the swing is built on two things; good setup and proper takeaway, everything after that is almost preordained by these two things. I know we can talk about transition etc. but really once the downswing begins your committed, it's all over in a flash. My downswing thought is to let the hands go at the bottom. Carry on.

Jorge Pinto says:

Looks very good?

daniel c says:

Nice vid James, may not believe me but I can send you a before and after picture and it’s almost identical to your s(expect I’m heavier and have red hair) I’m glad you said about feeling like weight going forward in your back swing as I still feel like I reverse pivot a bit (but when I look at vids I’m not) also I have reverted back to old swing and only thing the drill that’s works for me is pause drill, almost going to play a round just using pause drill swings one day I think…..pure them every time I use it! Look forward to seeing how progress?

Tyler Crumley says:

That was very interesting, my swing is a little flat like yours was. I need to find somewhere in my area now that has similar tech and tuition

Rob Sumpter says:

Really interesting and has made me resolve to get some lessons. There some flaws holding me back from improving any further and this method of fixing the body and being able to see what good feels like will really work for me. And I don’t live to far from the Forest!

Matthew Ng says:

Honestly speaking (and absolutely no offence intended), I like your review videos but I don't think that I would watch a swing lesson from you as I've never really been fond of your swing ?I knew there was something unusual about it but couldn't really figure it out until Chris pointed it out and explained it. However, after this lesson, the difference is night and day. I hope you continue to work on this swing and share your journey with all of us supporters. Keep up the good work!

George Gonzalez says:

The new swing looks much better in my honest opinion. Took this to the practice tee this morning, what a noticeable positive difference. Like cris said, feels tight. But feels like from the top I can just come down and rotate through. The compression feels very good. Not even having to think of forward shaft lean, etc. Cris Ryan your the real deal mate. Great video! Good luck w all James ?

Sir TogII says:

Have to add that the hip move Chris got you to do here is exactly what I was told to do today by my pro 😀 Felt ridiculous but can't argue with the results…

Darren Cossey says:

James did you ever watch yourself before you went to see Chris. You use to swing very flat and laid off at the top, also you pick the club up from address. After the lesson you looked alot better even though you had to think about what you were doing, it was quite obvious you dropped your head till Chris put his hand on you and you stopped and getting you to stop at the top of your swing.
great video and nice to see another pro getting advice.

Fiasco Stud says:

Looking forward to seeing your swing again in a few weeks to see if you have worked on what Chris has pointed out.. Brilliant video as always ✔

로또골프 says:

thank you good teaching^^ and my screen golf game channel is fun~join on time and see~~~

Malcolm Sandford says:

And I love the fact that you got exactly the same experience with Chris as I did a few weeks ago

Malcolm Sandford says:

Now go do the same thing with peter finch rick shields and Alister Davies – would love to the comparison

SuperElicas says:

I did not know Chris Ryan – so apparently I was one of the two 😉 Will check his content out ? and thx for all the great content

Vincent Carter says:

It looks fab to me but all that matters is how does it feel to you?are you striking it better?can you take it to the course only you know & hopefully you will tell us in the future ?

Bill Kendall says:

I am looking forward to having my first lesson in 25 years of playing in a couple weeks. I just need to make sure I am patient with seeing the results. Most of the time, the takeaways from lessons are not a "quick fix" and require time to implement. I think a lot of people get frustrated because it doesn't happen soon enough. For me, its taken 25 years to make a habit of some bad moves or positions, so it won;t be overnight to fix them.

Bill Kendall says:

It would be a good series of vlogs to see how you take what Chris wants you to work on and apply it to practice. I also really like the fact that Chris doesn't try to put in the "cookie cutter" of golf positions. He lets you own your own swing.

Shane Ducholke says:

Practice from a lesson would be a fantastic video.

Kennie Elerby says:

If you can consistently control your face and path to 0 and 0, why change anything?

Was there some terrible miss in there that wasn’t shown?

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