My Mizuno Story – The Interview with Sir Nick Faldo

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spocktra50 says:

Tp9's have to be one of the best looking and nicest feeling irons of all time.A mis hit on a winters morning however,was a different ball game…..shudder.

Mac Attack says:

I first played the 7's. 11's and 29's because of Faldo. In the last 25 years I've had nothing but Mizuno's in my bag except for maybe a week and a half of trying something else for a few days before panicking until I got my blades back. Thanks Nick and welcome back!

Stephen DiBari says:

Wonderful interview, you can see the joy in his face and how can you not be after his career with Mizuno. 7 years ago I was custom fit for MP-58's with the shaft optimizer (DNA system) and can't wait to get custom fit for my MP-25's. Absolutely love Mizuno irons and also looking forward to getting fit for the JPX 900 hybrids, fairway metals and driver

drakey27 says:

I think he played a version of the tp19's during the early 90's

tatchy1001 says:

If you watch old videos you can see his TP9 irons in his Wilson golf bag lol

The BigFatHen TBFT says:

Fully agree with Sir Nick. Best irons I have ever played.

Michael Ackerman says:

Great story! It really illustrates Nick Faldo's attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

peartfaldo says:

Faldo is the man.  Pre set drill is awesome.  His book A Swing For Life is a must have.

cockneylol says:

Those golfers who have criticised Nick Faldo over the years should get down on their hands and knees and prey they have half of his dedication and ability. He was my childhood hero and still watchable and fantastically interesting to listen to. Thank you for this short film.I currently play Taylormade r11's but will look at Mizuno next time.

Fred C says:

Wow !!! I've always wanted to hear this story. This is Gold !!! I'm all over the Miz MP5's gonna get a set.

Ecclesiastes 3:18 says:

I just received my new custom Mizuno MP H5. irons 5-PW and T7 wedges GW, SW, and LW. Mizuno produces works of art.
I am actually considering another set, perhaps an MP5 just to store away as a collectible.

Richard Lees says:

Mizuno are still head and shoulders above the rest. I have tried many of different irons but always come back to Mizuno and I know l will but I am always willing to give other company's a chance.

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

great story. they don't make em like that anymore! (applies to the whole industry)

J K says:

This is clever, coz people didnt know when Sir Nick joined Mizuno, wayyyyy back

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