My New 2017 TaylorMade Golf Clubs!

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Tony. C says:

Pro v1 X for the win

zaylee kazden says:

taylor made golf balls suck

Eddie Maldo says:

You should really get outside and hit with them and film that

Alex Yip says:

Great video. You mentioned adidas gives you 40% off. Does that also apply to Taylormade?

k gaskamp says:

Just one question what makes you
Like the mi 3 wood and hybrid than the m2

Martin Bould says:

But different degrees

Martin Bould says:

Same shafts on the same head but different grip

Quinn Joseph says: . my whats in the bag, Please check it out !!!!

J.C Golf says:

All the gear and no idea!!!

ConnorG says:

What stiffness is the shaft and how far do u hit ur driver

Nolan Nicklas says:

Also are you going to do another giveaway soon, and can you do a what's in the bag with turner and Nate soon. Thanks great vids

Evan Carden says:

Did you buy all those or did you get some sort of deal through Taylormade?

Noah Siman says:

when will irons come out

Nolan Nicklas says:

Are they standard length

Cameron Grieve says:

Are u gunna regrip them?

Carsten Bridges Golf says:

Great video and sick clubs

Eric J says:

Nothing better than opening new golf clubs. I just made a video of me opening my new PSIs. Hope you enjoy your clubs!

Golf Boys says:

Did you go to the kingdom to get fit?

CameronH.!.! says:

Yes finally!!

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