My NEW IRONS for 2022

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Meredydd Osborne says:

Will you be getting custom fitted for these and if you do will you film it?

Dave Delacy says:

The purpose of golf is to play the clubs that are best for you. If you are playing clubs you like and play well what is the purpose of change? If you are not playing well with your set than you need to get fitted with the best clubs for you, why waste the time trying clubs you think you like but they don't perform. So go to a fitter and try different clubs before you make a purchase. those clubs look great but are they for everyone!

dudosmokokos says:

Mizuno are great looking, feeling irons. I’ve bought them before but I find they’re always slightly shorter than their competitors. It’s their forging process that they hype so much. Meh.

Cee Jay says:

Great review, and your views are shared by many of us “average golfers” .. other channels have very skilled scratch players that don’t represent the 85% of casual recreational golfers. Thus making their views less meaningful as oppose to The Average Golfer. Thank you for your work and fantastic reviews!!!

Jay Byrne says:

Lots of new Mizuno reviews out yesterday, first one I go to- The Average Golfer! 👍🏻

Allah Ali Baba says:

Great Review…Thanks….

malks71 says:

Your head and shoulders above anyone on YouTube and love your content . I game Mizuno jpx hot metal irons and wouldn’t swap them for anything else.

Chris Girling says:

Brilliant intro Andy, these Mizuno's are things of beauty whether i could hit them remains to be seen through

Mark Church says:

Minuscule improvement over mp20 no doubt preferred mp20 looks

Mark Church says:

Way over the top vs pxg would be useful 200 per club crazy for people that actually pay for their equipment

nbargolf says:

Well for me looking great doesn't help my game. Being a super senior I'm for which club works best on distance and forgiveness. I mean what really matters to me in golf other than the course itself and the people you're playing with is what I write down on the score card.

Joe Stuart says:

Cracking intro, Andy and Co.

I would go the combo route as you hinted at the end, as Nike did many years ago.
3 & 4 iron hollow bodied, then 5-7 iron cavity backed, then down to wedge in the blades or muscle back.

What about the PXG's Andy, you have the model I would have bought, but the 0211dc 2021 was such a good deal, (They are down to £75 each, after going back up a little after I purchased mine at £80 each, fantastic value, for a custom made club) it was too good to refuse, and your video's helped to sell them to me. If you need a good home for your set Andy here is a PXG player mate, who will give them a good home when you jump into Mizuno. Or is there another video coming.
''Can the New Mizuno's go in my bag, or will the PXG's hold their place?''

muddymarvellous says:

How much you paid for those Mr Average

Mitch Morris says:

Mizuno always look amazing and these are a notch above the rest in my opinion can't wait to try them 👍

chuckyz2 says:

I have seen other reviews of these iron, and they didn't hit them as well as they did the Srixons ZX7's. So why spend twice as much money on clubs because they look better? And they do look good. Do they feel better? I doubt it is much if it all. Mine are buttery smooth. I am not looking for a club that feels better. Mine feel awesome. Are they more forgiving? Mine are very forgiving for solid forged CB's. From what I have seen, none of these are. 2k for irons is ridiculous. If they lowered their prices they would make more profit because they would sell a shitload more of them. I have a feeling when the honeymoon is over a lot of people are going to be feeling some buyers' remorse. Only time will tell. Look forward to more reviews as people start getting rounds in with full sets.

Sterling Auty says:

That intro was epic

Kevin Wood says:

I wonder why it seems everyone but Ping has to have a new model come out each year. These new irons look great though I’ve never tried any Mizuno iron. Just got fitted for a set of 0211s which I like so won’t be trying them any time soon.

Ray Ray says:

Like Mizuno forged and have owned them previously but cannot justify the new pricing with other very good, great feeling options out there at a lower price.

Steven Bidder says:

pxg gen 4 all day every day

glen burr says:

I just put my order in for Cobra T-Rail irons. Now I have to cancel and get a set of 221’s!! ⛳️🏌🏽‍♂️

Jay Rode says:

I love the new Mizuno Pro options, but I must compliment you on how good your video production is. It’s gets better with each release.

Jerry Neff says:

It's Mizuno MP 225 for me, but, the 223 is intriguing. Great idea blending the different sets to fill the bag.

Jay McGillicuddy says:

Love the look of these. They do look like they would blend nicely. Looking forward to the individual reviews.

Astroid other says:

Andy. I have the HMB’s in the bag and love them. I was going to blend but ended up with a full set 4-PW and I would not change a thing. Interesting to see how the 225’s compare to them though?

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