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MY SCOTTY CAMERON CUSTOM SHOP PUTTER Mark Crossfield talks about his new Scotty Cameron Custom Shop putter and what effects he thinks it will have on his golf game. Often a hot topic is the improvement around price of the Scotty Cameron range and in the golf video Mark address this question. Let us know what you think of Mark's new ideas about his putting and if you think it will improve his game in 2018.

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higgidy1 says:

A golf reviewer paid by titleist? What's wrong with that picture?

Andy Aguilar says:

Beautiful club Mark love the color contrast and personalization of it very nice.

Taylor Hogue says:

How do I get a customized scotty cameron

Suburb A Knight says:

Is that an underwear company logo on your hat, a Flippin Underwear Company ?

David Dawson says:

Hi Mark..How do i buy a custom Scotty? The website seems to be just for sending your putter to them? Cheers mate

tonykart15 says:

Like Tiger went back to his old trusty Titleist SC…..

Michael says:

I really wish they still made these with a one piece, not milled face… sigh. I guess I can wait until simple is back in style.

Ben Mosher says:

Look at Mr. Crossfield listening to Hail the Thief. Didn't peg him as a Radiohead kinda guy. Just goes to show

HawksFan5884 says:

Got a question for a Scotty Cameron aficionado…
About 12-15yrs ago while playing a round w/ my grandpa I tried 1 of his friends Scotty Cameron. From what I remember of the club it was a traditional blade style putter, it had a tan grip & a black club head (or putter head). The distinguishing feature that I remember is the weight of the club wasn’t balanced at all. The putter face or club head was much heavier, making the putter noticeably bottom heavy. I’ve used several Scotty Cameron’s & owned a couple since then, but never had one that felt like that.
My question is, is there a Scotty Cameron model that’s produced regularly that’s known for having a heavier putter head like that, or was it just that years club? I really loved the feel of that putter

Andrew Thomas says:

Does anyone know what putter length and lie angle Mark chose to order on this putter?

Andrew Thomas says:

Does anyone know what length and lie angle Mark ordered on this putter?

Charlie Pereira says:

Hi mark I love your putter I have the same one though not in black. What length do you play? and is that white lettering and 3 dots or is it a light grey in color

Szecheung Cheung says:

I played with the older newport2 for a few years. And I've try this new version. I think the insert makes the feedback feeling harder. Which is the main reason newport is so popular

Tony Lynam says:

Did you see Solo: A Star Wars Story yet Mark?

Thomas Orjias says:

that is cool that he made you one

Al Bundy says:

Maybe bring the line back?

brandon caleb says:

Mark, you’re 42? Wow man! I thought you were 30! Keep going?

Hugh Livingston Barclay says:

Can I Ask.. you went on about loving the Shape of the NEWPORT in all your other video reviews.. hat made you go for the NEWPORT 2?

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