NEAREST THE PIN – Callaway Big Bertha Vs TaylorMade RSi1 Irons

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NEAREST THE PIN – Callaway Big Bertha Vs TaylorMade RSi1 Irons
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liam f says:

Rick, you said with your set of clubs you would normally be using a 5 iron.
Is that because they have the same or similar loft of you 5 iron ?
You hit the green once in 6 attempts. So the only benefit of these clubs is
they have stamped a mis-leading number on the sole of the club.
Do you think the club makers should stamp the loft on the club and not a
traditional 2-9 iron number ?
If they stamped L for lob wedge on a 45 degree club they could claim their
Lob wedge goes as far as a pitching wedge.
This video was more like a mis-leading sales pitch than anything else

Joe Sector says:

Enjoyed this video immensely! I am seriously considering these two clubs.
What I would love to hear is some commentary on the other clubs in the
sets, especially the short irons. Are they as easy to hit, etc ? Like
Rob, I could see putting a 5 and 4 and maybe even a 3 back in the bag. Of
course that would get my club total up to near 20, but, hey, who’s
counting? Keep up the good work and keep the great vids coming!

Morten Ryberg says:

Will you soon be taking a look at the Nike Vapor irons? I would reckon the
speed version could battle these two.

Ian Simcox says:

These aren’t 7 irons, they just aren’t. They are more like 5-and-a-half
irons. They’re a good 5-and-a-half iron, don’t get me wrong, but they
aren’t 7s.

mike hunt says:

Rick like your clips but is there any chance you could test a few different
other clubs it always seems to be the cast distance iron?
how about testing the new nike irons or the new mizuno clevland cobra or
any version of the apex

Scott Little says:

Great video rick.. wish I had a simulator like urz in the house to play
with lol.. ps get into they meandmygolf pair.. best of luck with ur match..
looking forward to the footage from u and meandmygolf

leandrogutierres says:

Soooo thick! I disgust me a little to look at this kind of clubs. I’d
rather hit a 6 iron using a blade-like iron than that. =D

Alex Woto says:

Can you do a longest iron comp. vs the rsi 1 and the rocketbladez?

gg56280 says:

Are you sur is a 7 iron 😉 me i do the identical distance with my 5 irons
and I have fifiteen years old :-p;-)

Johnny Hally says:

This is a really awesome type of video. You should do more in the future.

Clayton DUnn says:

Do you prefer the 915d3 or callaway 815 double diamond?

Preston Anderson says:

Nice vid but next time could you throw your gamer club into mix that will
achieve the 190 distance to see accuracy VS ease of use and distance. 

pauline barisani says:

Hi just wondering is the rsi clubs coming out in the driver aswell??

Rick Shiels PGA says:

NEAREST THE PIN CHALLENGE Callaway Big Bertha Vs TaylorMade RSi1 Irons

burner1954 says:

Wow Rick…Great video! Taylormade does it again! Been playing the
Rocketbladez irons for about a year thanks to your review. Love em! I
really appreciate all of your reviews especially the head to head comp’s.
Keep up the great work and thanks again!!
Bernie Peters – Edison, New Jersey USA

Jamie Brown says:

Nice one, Rick!

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