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This video is about how to stop 3 putting. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.








jill barnes says:

Will follow these threedrills as I am wasting so many shots by 3 putting especially.

Mike Bergdorf says:

Great suggestions Danny. Distance is the key to good putting

Pat Armstrong says:

Great tips, especially with the drill guessing distance before your round. Just to add, during a PGA tournament, I watched James Hahn take out an alignment rod on the tee as his group waited to tee off. He laid it on the ground and was practicing his putting stroke, likely thinking about rhythm in his stroke as well as alignment. Looked like a good mid-round technique. I like also to get at least an understanding of three different basic lengths of putts based on the length of my backstroke, practicing this before each round. I like the idea of closing the eyes or just not peeking until you hear it go into the cup. Hitting the sweet spot consistently is a concern, only done better with lots of repetitions.

Butch 78 says:

Only problem with practice before playing is very often putting green speed is different from course greens.

Ton Bunnik says:

Thanks Danny , your instructions really helped improve my game !. Do you have an explanation or -even better – a drill for people who tend to miss the short puts but make the longer ones ?. Must be psychological.

Iain Mackie says:

I use a 1-2-3-4 tempo when putting. 1 is start, 2 is putter level with my rear foot, 3 level with my forward. 4 is look up. Toe to toe=about 10 feet. For longer putts just outside my rear foot to just outside my forward foot is another yard.

Absolutely practice 3 'blind' balls (to a tee, not a hole), before each round to gauge the speed of the greens today. 3 standard strokes and all 3 balls are normally with 6” of each other. That gives standard toe-toe distance.

It all falls apart a bit when the practice green is a different quality (and speed) to the real greens. This happens a lot.

Danny, I REALLY like your tips which I find very easy to follow, and easy to remember. Thank you.

Kieran Law says:

Did he put it straight in the first fucking shot?! He did! Jesus! Bahahah nice one!

Jancen says:

How do you calibrate your distance?

Jancen says:

It looks to me like the ball should go from left to right but it goes the opposite way.

Patrick Anlauf says:

Excellent video. Could you do a video on Tempo and Rhythm. Seems very important for consistency?

Captain Ron says:

Hmm … I like that "closed eyes" drill. Thanks. I have a drill that I use when I'm in a putting slump and I don't know why it works but it seems to. I don't pay much attention to alignment and I use it for short and long putts … I simply try putting the ball in the sweet spot of the putter. I don't pay any attention to where the ball ends up: either long or short or left or right, it doesn't matter. Love all your videos!

Paul Lucas says:

Solid tips especially the last which I will try when the rain stops. Looking forward to trying your chipping technique as well tomorrow but will comment on the appropriate clip. Thank you.

Marque Markofthebeast says:

Legit tips. Let’s be honest tho, The titles like an alcoholic saying they’ll never drink again.

I W says:

Excellent tips Danny!

Mil Sneler says:

Why are you leaning so much forward? Just looks awkward. I like how Speith putts.

Julian Roberts says:

Putting is one of my strengths but I still got something from this video especially the last tip. Thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort to make the video, much appreciated.

Simon Baigent says:

Danny, I have only recently found your YouTube lessons, tried a few and they are really easy to understand and helping, the 3 positive 1 can improve really useful. Cheers for the great help.

S As says:

Good advice but move the camera next time so we can see the hole and how far your shots have gone

Who Flung Shite says:

Never 3 putt again ? even the pros 3 putt sometimes…….Didn't even bother to watch the clip when I saw never 3 putt again……Danny Maude you are a moron.

Rodney Blackwell says:

If you hole all your first putts you wont 3 putt.. that's fool proof.?!

Windy Knot says:

Good stuff.One comment: putting greens are nearly never comparable to the actual greens. Good for stroke tempo but not great for distance control.

mick19421 says:

Nice one Danny, straight to the point. Thanks.

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