NEVER hit BEHIND THE GOLF BALL again with this drill

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Here's a great drill to ensure that you never hit behind the golf ball again. Working on this drill and learning this movement will help you strike clean crisp golf shots off the turf every time, just like the pro's. For a repeatable, consistent, powerful golf swing, this is THE drill to work on!

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Richard Davis says:

Another great drill Natalie, short and straight to the point. Honestly, you should have a LOT more subscribers because you’re the best tutor on YT. Thank you once again.

Mary Hampton says:

I JUST discovered you. Love all your videos. I like how you explain simply and practically. Thanks.

smoketime7759 says:

my new favorite

S RB says:

Wow Over 12 mllion views, see the date on film 2015, i guess now in 2021 mr Overton has passed, but the Story is as strong as ever

Mo says:

Could this potentially cause a steep swing?

David Takashima says:

Thanks. I hope to get to the practice range and use a towel and do your drill. Very good discussion.

Dave Everitt says:

Thanks Natalie for this "Golden Oldie" tip. I really like task oriented tips like this. I didn't have an elbow problem but I do tend to hang back a little and hit up on the ball too much. Tee shots are good but occasional thins and tops off the ground. The only way that I could do this drill , was to add a little more aggressive turn of the left butt cheek, after starting the downswing with a move of the pelvis target ward. This was a very easy and effective fix for my problem. I think that the drill is an especially good multipurpose one, because your whole swing has to be working well, to do it consistently. The drill will be great this winter, while hitting soft wiffel balls at targets because you get a visual as well as audio result when it's done correctly.

Rajinder Manhas says:

Natalie, how would one deal with a shaft lean while tucking right elbow.?

Rajinder Manhas says:

Wow short and concise, actually seen it for the first time after going through golfing maze. The right elbow what it should do. Thanks Natalie

Rajinder Manhas says:

Thanks, the right "elbow" what it really should do! After a long time got to actually see it !

paul ellery says:

This is a great drill , practised it at work with a piece of card and a pen top , i hit the pen top 3 times out of 3 , i will try this on the range .

Xi Chen says:

Awesome Natalie. Thank you.

Stuart Conning says:

Awesome tip been hitting it fat for 30 years let's give it a go

Daniel Valentin says:

Would this also apply to all clubs?

rolin lanlan says:

There are many golf training video on Youtube. Natalie has to be one of the best with clear mechanism and fixes. Thanks.

Robert McAnarney says:

Excellent lesson! I live in Arkansas, USA. ThanQ.

Deepali Sawlani says:

Wow great tip. I have had issues with this for long time. Will definitely try ur drill.

oceanis281 says:

While this is an older video of yours, as a bra nd new golfer, it is exactly what I needed…bye chance, did you do a series for "Beginner Golfers"?

Tennis hand eye coordination says:

Hi Natalie, I've just joined your channel, can I ask you should I start with maybe a 1/4 swing and gradually onto a 1/2 swing progressing on? I fear hitting fat and it usually ruins my round , in 35yrs playing golf I've never had a fat-free round, thanks for this drill, Conor

Michael Friend says:

Brilliant lessons, so glad I found your site!!!!!

Ray Armstrong says:

Natalie, Thanks great advice may I ask would that be the same for the woods particularly the right elbow movement?

Bp dance says:

Can't wait to practice this!!

9tube1 says:

Great video. Thanks for reminding me to tuck in that right elbow. I look forward to using your towel and tee drill.

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