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James Althoff says:

Hey guys if you guys want a Scotty Cameron I’m nine yrs old and my dad just got me a used one in a very good condition on eBay for $129.75 for auction.

John Peniel says:

I have a Newport 2. I like it, but I putt better with my Odyssey Versa, TM Soto, and Cleveland Elevado. And No putter should cost $400. $200 max. I have money, so I don't care about prices. I'm one of the best putters ever. Pros tell me that often. Get a putter that feels good to you, and learn how to read greens. Then you can shoot in the low 60's.

Jon Daniel says:

I just orderd the mallet2 putter I can not wait for it too come in

Sunil Thomas says:

If one needs a $400 putter to play golf, then they need a good psychiatrist. Heck, it is a golf putter not a precision Swiss watch for a fighter jet pilot.

f montes says:

I'll take the Pepsi Challenge with my 2017 Cleveland HB 1 putter ($100) against any Scotty putter.

Jake Shier says:

That Aluminum insert sounds HORRIBLE on camera. I hope it doesn't feel as terrible as it sounds. I would not have expected scotty to put out a product that sounds like that.

The Bearded Thumb says:

I really appreciate your videos, as someone who has not golfed since Highschool (12 years) and back then played with a beat up set of Bristol clubs I bought from a yard sale. As I get ready to buy a brand new set of clubs, I've been loving watching your videos. And how in depth you go woth your reviews.

Stanley Marlow says:

what the hell is al u min um

Josal says:

great review.

troutbum86 says:

I don't agree with the putter to driver price. Driver graphite shafts plus titanium where a putter is only 303 stainless and steel shaft. Not to mention the performance upgrade isn't much at all. It's hype. I've seen players with $40 putters out putt ppl with $200 plus taylormades.

sean small says:

Newport 3 … loving it right now!

Manny Umana says:

the staff bags in the background are sick

Sodthong says:

The 'padding' behind the face is just double sided tape. Its a marketing con…

Bill Malec says:

Does that AlUminium face have a different sound? 🙂

Chris Roman says:

This is not the first time Rick has done better with a mallet style putter on his reviews…….or am I wrong?

Keith Finley says:

M1 in the bag!!

HLD_GOLF 01 says:

I've got the Newport M1

JAG sixtyfive says:

It always makes me laugh when any company refers to a product as having 'Aircraft Grade Aluminium' or 'Aluminum' if you prefer! The phrase 'Aircraft grade' is just a buzzword used by marketing bods. Raw Aluminium as an element is a next to useless element on it's own, due to high fatigue rates and rapid oxidization so for engineering it always has to be used as an alloy with other elements such as magnesium and silicon. Aluminium that is used in Aircraft can take many forms and is only the process used in it's heat treatment that gives it it's designation according to it's uses needed within that industry. But for any company to use the phrase 'Aircraft grade' is a bit of a stretch at best. For real aircraft grade there are numerous elements in place to ensure proper processing, heat treatment etc, I'd be staggered if these putters have anything like the heat treatment processes that are required to refer to them as true Aircraft Grade, but that use of the phrase is as I said, just a marketing buzzword nowadays. And there endeth the chemistry lesson. Thank god I hear most of you say! Lol

jscott811 says:

"Beautifully handcrafted"? You mean precision CNC milled.

Mrskah29 says:

Love my scotty, but always have my eye on Bettinardi putters. A bit heavier which seems to work better.

Denise Wilburn says:

Aluminum. Its not that hard to say!

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