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PGA Golf Pro and YouTube Club Reviewer Rick Shiels tests the latest TaylorMade M2 Driver for 2017 using GC2 and HMT

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Simon Thompson says:

don't impressed personally

Robert King says:

You never talk about swing weight. I have a 2016 M2 driver and I have been changing the weight in the back of the club, from DO to D3. Both weights feel OK, have not been able to put both on a monitor so I am not sure if these weights affect the spin and/or other parameters of my ball flight. Have you ever tested the same driver with different swing weights? Do you have any observations about this? I think my game is closer to Rob's (swing speed wise).

Arny says:

hes intending that it looks like the nike vapor and vapor fly driver color scheme

TXchadTX says:

I have been fit for both and apparently i'm the only one who prefers the new m2. I was fit to the same spec in both heads (that should tell you they aren't drastically different). The biggest difference really is the sound. New one seems to spin a touch more but it's more consistent. I'll take consistent over just about anything.

tyler s says:

Would it be worth upgrading from a Taylormade Burner to this?

Waqar Ghulam says:

Launch angle is low, increase the loft on the driver and it will be fine.

Mika Mesterton says:

What about if you hit this M2 without the weight in back;)

Tiebreak says:

@Rick, colour of the year 2017 not a coincidence 🙂

Paul Wrigley says:

Rick, could you do a video trying to get your optimum numbers from this club. I think if you got fitted for this club it could be a great driver… lower loft and maybe a lower launching shaft (maybe black tie) would get this up there with your gamer.

Crutche says:

Just purchased this for €275 today brand new and gained 15-20 yards. I had the 2016 m2 previously so it works different for everyone

Craig Owen says:

Hi Rick, have you done the comparison with the 2016 M2 driver yet? thanks

Brian Stratton says:

My ears hurt after your first hit…

Conner Meehan says:

Please do a 2017 m1 and m2 iron review!!!

Milton Taylor says:

Rick… can you please to a M2 2016 /M2 2017 comparison please?

Jake Halverson says:

does anyone know what brand and type of hitting mat Rick uses in his facility?

VWRabbit2008 says:

New driver… less distance

Kalin Cuyo says:

Lets see another old vs new…. R1 vs M2…. Your swing speed increased since you did the R1 review….. interested in seeing how far the technology progressed over the past 4 years

Fake TonyAbbott says:

And the loudness makes the ball fly SO much longer and straighter. What utter dribble.

Fake TonyAbbott says:

Rick, you know its complete bullshit. Just a scam by Calloway (and the other manufacturers, if less so) to get punters to churn their equipment and to buy more gear. Utter bullshit.

dean house says:

willing to bet now..the 2016 m2 wins!

Sean Miller says:

Looking at getting a new driver and I'm like a +1 handicap what clubs do you suggest I try out?

Jason Fisher says:

Crap compared to last year's model and mega expensive

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