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Taylormade have released some fantastic clubs in 2018. But what are we going to see for 2019? We kick off the new releases for next season with an extension to the mega popular range of Hi-Toe Wedges. Offering a load more grinds, bounces and lofts. If your a fan of Taylormade clubs or just wedges in general. You won’t want to miss this. Players such as Rory Mcilroy, Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose have all used the Hi-Toe wedges this year. Who will use them next year? What wedge combo should you use? Will this new extended range help you decide


mayday jay says:

sorry this club looks like a fail, no spin to stop

Andystinker says:

Mate love your channel! Keep up the good work!

Jacob McCain says:

I'm thinking of putting this in the bag. As a general rule I dont buy anything TM. But I'm a sucker for copper and it has a Similar grind to my Vokey 58M. Plus I hit off the toe as my miss so every little bit helps haha!

Jack Evans says:

A hie toe family.. I guess you could call that a foot ????

Gordon McGregor says:

They are just a callaway Pm grind rip off aren't they? Like them though!

mharri333 Harrison says:

Great video. Keep up the great reviews.

colson slaughter says:

Why does Taylormade even make wedges

GS Grant says:

I've played every wedge at one time. Give it to a 25 handicap he won't get better. Save ur money

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

Great review!

I appreciate the Honesty about these wedges. I admit I’ve been curious about them. You just cured me of that.

Truth be told I can’t see myself ever not using Titleist Wedges. At least, for as long as Bob Vokey is working for Titleist. Vokey wedges have everything that I look for in a wedge. They are very consistent and have a wonderful, distinct feel and sound that inspire confidence when I’m standing over the ball. ESPECIALLY ON A TRICKY DOWNHILL CHIP.

The only time I ever switch wedges is when I wear out the grooves. Even then, it’s just to get new Vokeys. I’ve been playing Titleist wedges since I was 14.that makes it…… 30 years now!

Rodney Greenwell says:

Very good honest review…
How durable would you rate these clubs on a 1/10 scale compared with your vokey ones…

Jacob Streiff says:

PM grind look way better

Jean Ferret says:

Not a fan of the original but the lower lofted versions with regular soles and grooves look fantastic. And I love the finish.

Darrell Williams says:

Just a copy of the Callaway Mac Daddy Phil Mickelson wedges , nothing new .

GS Grant says:

Doesn't matter. A wedge is a wedge. If you don't practise or have the proper technique save your money. To be be honest the average golfer will never see a difference using these wedges and really will the good player. It comes down to preference and comfort. I've played with players who can hit 275 plus drives every hole but chunk or blade wedges. You can't make a wedge any better than the player hitting it. Save ur money everyone. No difference between a $75 wedge or $200, plus. Save ur money.

Jason McLean says:

I play taylormade hi toe 60 wedge

Paul Bown says:

Been really hitting my vokey wedges well this year
Would consider maybe a 60* for the versatility

Graeme Day says:

Not for me…will keep my Mack daddy 4

Mike Eastridge says:

I think they look ugly. Won’t be swapping my Vokeys.

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